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Soan Papdi

Soan Papdi

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Soan Papdi is a 2015 Tamil language comic crime thriller film, directed by debutant Sivani. The film features Sri of 'Vazhakku Enn 18/9', 'Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum' fame, Child actor Sahil and Priya in lead roles.

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Soan Papdi - Casualties Unknown

Rated 0.5 / 5
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One more misleading title. Again, it must be clarified that this film has nothing to do with cotton candy, or the much relished sweet/savory product. Soan Papdi runs less than two hours long, and by the looks of it, was released in theatres only because YouTube refused. Allowing the trailer was, in itself, a show of magnanimity.

It will always remain a mystery how the demand-supply mechanism works in tinsel town, because nobody demanded for this film to be supplied in such large quantities. There are many gags in this film - the audience has the uncontrollable urge to gag and choke as they try to digest this nonsense that is being stuffed down their throats.

The story begins with Shiva the computer engineer who has a girlfriend. How did an engineer get a girlfriend, you ask? It's because his parents set him up with her. It's called arranged marriage in contemporary times. Somehow, the same parents who believe in arranged marriage, also believe in letting their son and the girl they pimped him out to roam around on dates and spend money on shopping. Maybe they thought all those expenses will be accounted for in the dowry balance sheet.

They go shopping and come back to their car to find a random boy sitting inside waiting for them. How he got into a locked car, nobody will explain. This boy only knows his own name, nothing else. Instead of trying to figure out where to leave the boy so as to move on with their lives, they decide to take him shopping, play hide and seek with him, and pamper him.

And then, Shiva gets a call from a gangster who says if the boy is not handed over, Shiva will not see his friends. This is a story of kidnapping, where the audience is the victim. Do you really want to know how this will end?

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