3.1 309 Ratings

Directed by : Pa. Vijay

Release Date : | Length : 142 Minutes

  • Critics Rating 2.3/5
  • MJ Rating 1.6/5
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Strawberry is a horror thriller with Vijay playing the role of a radio taxi drive. The story is about the driver who meets a ghost. What happens in his life after that forms the crux of the movie.


“Strawberry is another one of those cliched horror thrillers.”

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Pa. Vijay


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Strawberry review

| by Raja Sekar |
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Pa Vijay, the lyricist turned hero is also debuting as a director through the socio-horror thriller, Strawberry. Just like any other horror film, here too our hero(played by Pa Vijay) experiencing paranormal activities and soon he meets someone, who actually tells him what is happening around and then a ghost communicates with him.

You guessed it right, here too the ghost wants to take revenge against a person and our protagonist helps it but the only difference in Strawberry is that the ghost is a child.

There is a nice message in the movie and I would like to laud Pa Vijay for it. But such moral issues could have been said in a blog post or short video, when you are making a film, it should have some basic elements like screenplay, acting and direction. For heaven sake, Strawberry doesn't have any basic quality of filmmaking and the only good thing about the film is it might offer some good sleep even for an insomniac patient.

You can't sit through the whole movie as you would probably ends up in getting heavy head ache hence it's better to sleep. If you get a chance to read my review, thank me for thousand times and better stay away from this creepy movie.

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