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Tamilukku En Ondrai Aluthavum

Tamilukku En Ondrai Aluthavum

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Tamilukku En Ondrai Aluthavum is an action-drama movie directed by Ramprakash Rayappa and stars Nakul in the lead role


“TEOA is a good semblance of a satire and a slice of life comedy. ”

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Tamilukku En Ondrai Aluthavum movie review

Rated 3.0 / 5
by Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Two things that actually motivated me to watch this film were, it is a Red Giant movies release, who have a good track record in encouraging talent and come up with engaging content oriented films and other reason was that the film looked like it had a decent storyline as seen from the trailers and expected it might stay away from the commercial mess. And it did. There were commercial elements like love, if you call it as commercialism but still the movie had a fresh concept, which was narrated in a pretty decent manner.

Its about three parallel stories that neatly intertwine in the climax without actually crossing each other's path. There is Bindu Madhavi stuck under a building debris and desperately want to call someone (boyfriend, of course) for help. There is this terrorist from mumbai who want to blast a government building in Chennai. He sets up a bomb that will be triggered by a mobile. Nakul is a geek who is super tech savvy, and is capable of bringing mobile signal even out of a sun flare damaged mobile tower. Ok, I can hear you. Its just a movie.

Mobile phone is the common thing that connects them and a common situation on which the entire drama is staged. Will the bomb explode? Will Bindu be saved? Can Nakul restore mobile signals from a damaged tower? You know the answer but you must watch the film to know how these stories are actually connected and moves towards the finish line.


Definitely have to appreciate the debutant director Ramprakash for picking up such a complex script for his first film. The screenplay is a bit sluggish in the first half and picks up some momentum only towards the interval. The director sets the stage and context as soon as the credits finished rolling but then the character development took time and it was weak. 2nd half moves at a brisk pace but the climax gets a bit cliched and predictable. Afterall, we love happy endings, don't we?

To narrate 3 parallel stories without giving headache to the audience, the cuts have to be on the money. Editing by Sabu joseph was jumpy in a few scenes but overall he was convincing in giving a sense of understanding of what's happening. But a cut here and there would have made the movie more gripping, especially songs and the lacklustre love portions in the 1st half.

Music by Thaman was pretty good. He was much better with his BGM, which gave a tense feeling to the 2nd half. Cinematography by Deepak Kumar was brilliant. The high angle Chennai landscape shots, the character framing and camera positioning was good.


Nakul looks believable as a tech savvy geek and he has come a long way from his naaku mooka days. He looks more calm, subtle and gave more importance to script and acting. Attakathi Dinesh still has not woken up from his cuckoo dream. His expressions were weak and his eyes doesn't even speak A to D, leave LOVE. Satish comes up with his witty one liners and keeps the audience entertained. But his extended role with a love angle was unnecessary. Bindu Madhavi was ok as there was not much of a scope in her character. Nakul's love interest Aishwarya too followed Dinesh's acting skills. May be they both would have made an awesome emotionless love pair. Nakul would have very well pulled of this role in style being single itself.

The surprise package is Urvashi. She plays Nakul's mother and she rocks with her impeccable comic timing. She must have got a bit more screen time.

Overall review:
Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhutavum is a pretty decent thriller in the 2nd half. First half is a bit slow with songs and love, which drags the screenplay a bit. The film is filled with a lot of situational humor, which fills the gaps. There are a lot of moral messages sprinkled all over the movie, which you can carefully ignore because that's not what we look forward in a thriller. The film has its equal share of good and bad moments, but its definitely a movie way better than the commercial crap. A bonus - you get to refresh some of the electronics concepts that you learnt in college.

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