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Directed by : Yuvraj Dhayalan

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Tenaliraman marks the comeback of comedy king Vaidvelu in a dual role as a king and his intelligent minister. Directed by Yuvaraj Dhayalan, Tenaliraman has got Meenakshi Dixit and Radha Ravi featuring in a pivotal roles.


“Tenaliraman is a family entertainer with loads of funny episodes. Vadivelu's hilarious performance makes the film worth a watch.”

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A Political Satire Disguised as a Period-Comedy

Rated 3.0 / 5
by Rajiv Menon (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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It takes guts for a newbie like Yuvaraj Dhayalan to actually make a full length parody on the current political scenario of our country under the disguise of a period-comedy. We don't know for sure if the director's intention was to actually make a political satire, but the film definitely turns out to be one when it attempts to juxtapose a bygone era with modern-day issues.

The story of "Thenaliraman" emphasizes on a corrupt government, in which men with power and position ruin the economy for personal agendas. It takes a common man like Thenaliraman, who with his wit and shrewdness, stands up against the corrupt government or those responsible for it and sets everything right. He does so by earning the ministerial berth in the king's court and very soon growing to the ranks of the most trusted and respected minster.

Vadivelu in his comeback role ensures that we are entertained till the last minute. But for his hardcore fans, there are far too less laughs as the film focuses more on striking a balance between political satire and period-comedy. It's an intelligent film that needed to be in the hands of an experienced filmmaker, someone who knows how to make the audience realize the purpose behind the film.

The fact that Vadivelu is making a comeback, and therefore, deserved to hog the limelight overshadows the true purpose of the film. Nevertheless, debutant director Yuvaraj at least attempted something off the beaten path to make a point. I'm not sure how many actually understood or appreciated his intentions, but that doesn't belittle the effort by this young filmmaker who outsmarted so many with his film.

Thenaliraman could have been the best political satire Tamil cinema never had and will never have. But all that it boils down to is a cliched commercial entertainer that celebrates the return of a legendary comedian.