Thaakka Thaakka

Thaakka Thaakka

3.3 232 Ratings

Release Date : | Length : 142 Minutes

  • Critics Rating 2.6/5
  • MJ Rating 2.0/5
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Thaakka Thaakka is an Tamil action film starring Vikranth in the lead role. Popular stars Vishnu Vishal, Vishal and Arya make guest appearances in a song.


“Thaakka Thaakka is just another average entertainer.”

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Thaakka Thaakka - Red Light District

| by Sudarsan Ramamurthy |
Rated 2.0 / 5
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If you bought tickets to this film because of the A list stars in the poster, know that I'm pointing and laughing at you right now. They have no connection to this movie whatsoever. There doesn't seem to be a concrete story. It almost seems like the crew met over coffee and brainstormed for story ideas and started shooting about fifteen minutes later. So, they go for the oldest trick in the book - a revenge saga of an orphan who kills the guy who made him an orphan by killing his mother; kind of like a low budget Harry Potter.

The orphan's mother was a customer service executive at a red light district in Kerala. Years later, she gets killed in a riot and her son leaves Kerala and reaches Chennai. There he meets another starving boy and they become friends for life. By the way, he doesn't like it when someone refers to him with the Tamil equivalent of Son of Sex Worker. There is no explanation as to why this is relevant to the audience, especially since that word would get muted out even if someone used it on-screen.

A lot of things happen, but by the end of the story, killer is killed and orphan boy has taken away time and money from the audience.

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