Thaandavam (Siva Thaandavam)

Thaandavam (Siva Thaandavam)

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Directed by : A. L. Vijay

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  • Critics Rating 3.3/5
  • MJ Rating 2.4/5
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Shiva serves in the Intelligence wing of the Army and is sent to London for a mission soon after his wedding with Meenakshi. He finds himself trapped and framed by the militants who deem him a traitor. He wishes to prove his innocence and regain his honor.


“Thaandavam is a disappointing film with uneven pacing and lack of thrills. Skip it!”

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Ambitious to a fault

| by Ameet Bhuvan |
Rated 1.5 / 5
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Thandavam eerily runs similar to Ghajini- a differently abled protagonist with one heroine in the present who knows his dark truth and a heroine in the past whose death is being avenged as the central plot of the movie. Sadly, the similarities end here, for while Ghajini was a beautifully made thriller, Thandavam is slack and all over the place.

Vikram plays a blind man, who through echolocation and some such mumbo jumbo is killing a set of people in London. He is befriended by Amy Jackson, an aspiring beauty queen, who stumbles upon his killer truth. Why is Vikram killing all of these people? Cause they killed his wife, Anushka and like every good husband, he is avenging the death.

The problem with Thandavam is that it aims at being too many things at the same time. It wants to be a modern thriller with undercurrents of international terror- so it is set in London with some very funny acting firangs who seem to be the only people Vikram can see in the entire city always. It aims to be scientifically smart- hence Echolocation and the Blind man tick tocking his way around. It has to make the masses happy-hence the love track with Anushka in good old Tamil land. None of these work though, ending up in a naraative that falls apart from the word go.

Vikram is the centre of the enterprise. One has seen him do such a role with much better precision in Anniyan. He is sincere, has the body language and the actin chops, but a sad characterization lets him down. The blind man act is a gimmick for most part of the movie he is normal. Echolocation remains just a buzz word, ill explained and underutilized as a plot device. He shines in the scenes with Anushka, the only time the filma ctually livens up, sans any additional handicap or super powers making you wish it were a simple love story told better.

Amy Jackson is pretty and thats about it. Nasser does a Prakash raj from Anniyan, but with his lame ipad holding inspector act only disappoints. Anushka shines through, her portions are the only engaging parts of the movie. Jagapati Babu as the bad guy is predictable from the start.

Vijay the director fails to generate even an iota of thrill and suspence in the entire film. The twists are predictable, the surprises stale, the technique jarring and the narrative slugish. A lot of money is spent on the movie, evidently, and one could only wish it were used for a more tighter prodcut. As it stands now, Thandavam is a film one can miss and not loose mich in life, even if one is a die hard fan of Vikram.