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Thiranthidu Seese

Thiranthidu Seese

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Directed by : Nimeshvarshan

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Stars Dhansika, directed by Nimeshvarshan and produced by Veeravan Stalin.

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Thiranthidu Seese - Alcohol + Drunk Girl = Rape

Rated 0.5 / 5
by Sudarsan Ramamurthy (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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This is the worst "Man walks into a bar" joke, except it's not a man. A woman walks into a bar, gets drunk, and spontaneously begins dancing and other patrons join in with perfect sync-steps. And then, she passes out in the ladies room. Before we go further, it's important that we understand the dynamics of this bar. Sorry, restobar. There are only two bartenders, and it is unclear until the fag end of this film whether or not they run the place or just work there. This bar does not have music playing all the time, instead the music quite conveniently mutes itself whenever the characters need to exchange words.

As soon as said woman walks into the bar, the two bartenders start playing rock-paper-scissors to decide who gets the girl - yet nobody includes the girl into this little game. Consent? Sorry, this movie was written before the times of consent.

Once everyone has vacated the premises, the bartenders retire. Their quarters and the bar are so well connected, they have to simply walk out one door and go through another. To add an element of secularism, the two bartenders are named John and Hussein respectively. Hussein walks in on a passed out Charmee (that's what the girl is called) and immediately assumes she's dead. Why because, she has a small cut on her forehead. By now, Kollywood has established that all it takes to kill someone is a whack on the forehead.

He rushes back to wake John out of his drunken slumber. Back at the loo, John takes five whole seconds to figure out Charmee is still alive - by checking out her heaving bosom. Not kidding. The girl wakes up and screams rape.

She represents the idea that women in modern dress who indulge in drinks and smokes and dancing in the nightclub are not sluts and whores, they can also be coy virgins. Being a virgin, she was treasuring her maidenhood for her husband. Her virginity and through it sex was, and I quote, "the only gift I was going to give my husband. And you took it away from me. So, now I want justice!"

The remainder of the film is about her pointing fingers at John and Hussein and trying to figure out who raped her. To make the viewers regret their choice of paying for this movie, there are a few more characters thrown in who randomly appear and disappear. In the end, it all turns out to be an elaborate prank to get John to straighten his ways because he is a drunkard. Ah, the satisfaction of sitting through this entire film and walking out alive in the end.

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