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Thirudan Police

Thirudan Police

3.3 454 Ratings

Directed by : Caarthick Raju

Release Date : | Length : 137 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.6/5
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Thirudan Police is a comedy-drama movie directed by Caarthick Raju and stars Dinesh in the lead role


“ A predictable melodrama that turns into a surprisingly entertaining film, with impressive performances and an entertaining climax.Thirudan Polcie effortlessly combines humor and emotions, making it the perfect watch for a jolly weekend.”

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No Thief.

Rated 2.0 / 5
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Surprisingly two films release in a gap of two months with the same objective - of realizing the importance of the father; where fathers and sons played the roles of honest police officers. While Sigaram Thodu manages to win the race in this regard, it would be unfair to pit Thirudan Police against the former, yet Thirudan Police doesn't manage to finish the race.

Vishwa (Dinesh) resents his father (Rajesh) all his adult life, even when his father is killed in a fake encounter, he sheds no single tear, believing, his father won't be around anymore to beat him up or give his ears some sound advice. But the honest Head constable's job goes to his son and the idler, Vishwa, now, has more work than he had imagined.

Dinesh cries finally when he understands the hard work his father had to do every day for almost quarter of a century. The result of the new found respect is to track down the killer.

Thirudan Police shifts from being a comedy, to a school textbook on a police officer's duty, to a romantic sub-plot that doesn't fit anywhere in the otherwise moving story. Iyshwarya Rajesh sings a few lines and looks at Dinesh invitingly making us understand that there is a female lead in the film. She's a charming presence without doubt but her presence is questionable.

On the one hand, we see a father covering up his son's grievous offence, on the other hand, we see a father trying to make a man of a jobless youth. Fathers, in particular, have a role in shaping the future of their children. If seniors fail in correcting the mistakes of the younger lot, there is a heavy price to pay later.

Rajendran plays a comical villain. His transformation from a rowdy to a cartoon comic is relatable. His antics are fine but John Vijay, oh, he's an irritating pest on-screen, only in this movie. And Rajendran in a saree? That image probably would be a disaster in the head, but he carries it off convincingly, and he seems to enjoy it.

In Thirudan Police, police officers in the lower ranks are constantly mocked and ordered to do menial chores. Does sucking up to the bosses really make or break a career? If it's a yes, I'd rather skip, than shake my hips with the uncultured chief.

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