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Directed by : Ramanathan

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Thirunaal is a Tamil action - comedy movie directed by Ramnath, who earlier directed Karanas's Ambasamudram Ambani. Stars Jiiva and Nayanthara.

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Thirunaal is an out and out torture. Nothing more nothing less

Rated 1.0 / 5
by Mukesh Kumar (678 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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This rural action flick by Ramnath has everything that a commercial pot boiler ought to have. the villain introduction, love proposal, romance song, baddie deeds of villain, glamour, love failure song, item song and a climax fight, but Thirunaal falls into the age-old template of rural action films with masala elements. Yes. Everything in wrong proportions and in a wrong time.

in spite of having two huge performers in Jiiva and Nayanthara, director Ramnath has played this one ugly by trying absolutely nothing new. Same old routine beaten-to-death stuffs by the director which makes every single shot exquisitely predictable. At the end of the day, Jiiva and Nayan put up a convincing show but that was hardly enough to save the movie even till half time.

Technically too the movie wasn't passable at all. Highly amateur editing and cinematography & above all, some horrendous BG score by Srikanth Deva pulled the movie back by miles to be very honest. What a waste of time!

The director just seemed to forget the fact that Tamil cinema is stepping into the next level and directors have started exploring new horizons and breaking preset barriers., instead exploring something very old. Highly condemnable filmmaking.