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Directed by : Perarasu

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The film revolves around a young man who is very selfish and self centred

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Somebody Please Stop Perarasu.

Rated 0.5 / 5
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Perarasu's career had a very auspicious start. Having almost built a sub-genre all by himself and inspiring a few more mediocre filmmakers to jump on the bandwagon, he has succeeded in taking the Tamil film industry back by a few years. He quickly had two hits to his name viz. Tiruppachi and Sivakasi. Am I surprised by the success of those two films? No. It had Vijay at the top of his mass-hero game and it boasted absurd, balls to the wall masala elements which scored with all the sections, and particularly killed it with the small town audiences. Am I surprised at his longevity? Not really. All four of his movies without Vijay playing the lead have bombed big time. He is on his way out if he doesn't deliver with his latest film, Thiruthani. Thankfully, he doesn't.

Going through Bharath's filmography, trying to spot his successful films as a solo lead, I am only able to single out Kaadhal. Why he chose to do a spate of aruvaal-wielding characters in village-based films is a mystery to me. He has done reasonably well compared to his other Boys co-stars, but that's no yardstick to measure success. Thiruthani releases at a point when the people on social networking sites are busy sharing photos of his new, ripped look. Since no one associated with the film, with the exception of the distributors, is even promoting Thiruthani, it is safe to assume they have washed their hands on it. The promos didn't even appear in any English dailies and that says a great deal about the target audience. So taking into account how worthless they themselves consider this movie, let me jump into my review.

Bharath plays a gym-trainer called Velu who is full of himself and doesn't give a flying fig about social injustice. He hurts his head badly in an accident and becomes terminally ill, with six months of life to live. He meets Raj Kiran, a war veteran, who brainwashes him into doing something good for the society with the time he is left with. Vowing to take out the trash, Velu becomes a superhero of sorts choosing the name 'Thiruthani' for his alter-ego. In this journey our Dexter Morgan kills a person who is related to a powerful, highly-placed villain/politician played by Ashish Vidhyarthi. By the end of it, you only wish Bharath had died in that accident that started this mayhem.

Everything in the film has been done to death. You can call this film a walking, talking zombie. With Bharath jumping to belt out a punch dialogue at every faint opportunity, the film is as loud as they come. Female characters ducking off frame in the middle of a romantic scene usually means they are offering a blowjob, right? I like Sunaina 'cause she reminds me of this girl from college I crushed on. So it really killed me to see her do that half a dozen times in a song sequence. That was unintentionally funny and sad at the same time.

Perarasu is the Madhur Bhandarkar of Tamil cinema when it comes to recycling his own trashy films. There are moments here when you wonder if you're watching an older film of his. The cinematography, the sets, costume, action-choreography.. everything is trashy. The film is an insult to its target audience and human intelligence. It is offensive in every which way. Don't watch this worthless piece of junk even when it gets aired on a television channel with a 'thiraikku vanthu sila vaarangale aana puttham puthiya thirai padam' tag.

P.S. It ends ominously, suggesting a sequel may happen in the near-future.

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