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Directed by : Perarasu

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The film revolves around a young man who is very selfish and self centred

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Two and half hours of sheer torture

| by Rajiv Menon |
Rated 0.5 / 5
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Perarasu, who is known for narrating stories involving action, romance and sentiment not necessarily in that order, has followed the same formula again in 'Thiruthani'. To add to the woes, the film is all talk, no substance and displays the deteriorating acting performance of Bharath, and his incapability in choosing bad scripts.

The story is about a young man who stands up against all bad deeds of the society. He attempts to clean the society with his angry young man avatar. We have been presented with this type of stories so many times that you tend to lose interest after a point of time. The romance also appears clichxe9d and so is the overall setting of the film.

The scenes are predictable and there are no twists or turns anywhere. Narrative style is relentlessly old fashioned and formulaic. The film sincerely treads Perarasu's boring path and the story is constructed in such a way that the film may not appeal to all types of the audience. The music in the film is equivalent to pain the wrong place and the film almost travels to the same location for the songs in the film.

There is nothing much to discuss about technical characteristics in the film, as it's horrendous to note few plagiarized action sequences. The film fails miserably to do justice to even people who come to cinemas hoping to watch mindless cinema.

Bharath as the gym master as usual plays his role with all mass-appealing elements. The commercial potboiler type of approach in the film comes from the way the hero in the film is worshipped. Sunaina looks appealing however her choice of clothes is quite contrary to the background she hails from in the film.

Rest of the cast, including the likes of talented actors such as Rajkiran, Ashish Vidyarthi falls flat, without delivering anything worth talking. Director desperately makes the film appear grandeur but sadly in the process only makes it appear boring, uninspiring and clichxe9d.

“Thiruthani” is paid ticket to self-torture.