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Thozha (Oopiri)

Thozha (Oopiri)

3.5 1,014 Ratings

Directed by : Vamsi Paidipally

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  • MJ Rating 3.6/5
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Thozha/Oopiri is the official Tamil/Telugu remake of The Intouchables.


“Come and celebrate life with Karthi and Nagarjuna!”

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An enjoyable feel good ride

Rated 3.5 / 5

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Thozha is easily one of the best feel good rides that Tamil cinema has ever come across. Frankly the teaser and trailer of the film were not promising that I simply thought that this is going to be yet another ruined version of a classic film. The Intouchables is one of the finest films ever made in French but here in Tamil, the makers added item songs and duet, which indeed has disappointed me at first. But while watching the film, those needless songs doesn't affect the flow much, thanks to the solid performances of Karthi and Nagarjuna. Although all other actors have given their best, we are absolutely smitten by the bond between the two protagonists.

Director Vamshi has made necessary changes by adding local favors,may be this is how one should remake foreign films as majority of our audiences are yet to accept films without songs.

Karthi is easily the best actor when comes to executing animated comedies with so much ease and this role of a carefree caretaker has been a cake walk for him. On the other side, Nagarjuna's performance is a slow poison that slowly you a develop a liking for him. Tamannaah is an absolute stunner in the film and you will fall for her the moment, she appear on big screen, thanks to the bright color tone and amazing costumes.

The problem is of course the length of the movie, at least 20 minutes have yo be chopped off but as we all know directors just can't ignore item numbers and duet songs, they just can't!

So my final word is Thozha is indeed an enjoyable brezzy entertainer, watch it in theaters near you but prepare yourself to ignore the stupid song placements!

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