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Thunai Mudhalvar

Thunai Mudhalvar

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Directed by Vivekanandan, stars ayaram, Bhagyaraj, Shwetha Menon , Manobala Mahadevan in the lead roles.

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Thunai Mudhalvar - Brain Damage

Rated 2.0 / 5
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The only reason this movie released in theatres was probably because it was a K Bhagyaraj directorial. In his prime, he was considered the father of all innuendos, but at least his films were decent. This film not only has innuendos popping up every few minutes, but there are times when the audience is forced to walk away shaking their heads, only to never come back. Here's an example that will help understand the level of jackshittery in this flick - there is a five year old boy who still nurses on his mother's teats. If that did not disturb you or give you vile mental images, go ahead and watch the movie. Regular human beings will require therapy, rehab, and probably a memory wipe to forget they ever paid to watch this.

The story is set in a village that is cutoff from civilization. To go out of the village, the only mode of transport is by boat. This results in many drowning deaths. For some reason, they have the most primitive kind of boats, and instead of building better, sturdy ones, they set out on a quest to elect a political representative for their village. Enter Periyapaandi and Chinnapaandi - the useless dynamic duo, brothers from the same mother, and borderline village idiots. From their names, it is easy to guess that creativity, even for naming the main characters, was not employed.

Periyapaandi is the typical do-gooder whose buxom wife looks like Shakeela Chechi with a gym membership. Naturally, every time she interacts with the opposite sex, Periyapaandi makes sure he is present to ensure one thing doesn't lead to another. As an aspiring politician, he urges the villagers to petition for bridges, schools, and everything else that a developed village wants to have, but never ends up getting. While contesting for the post of political representative, he uncovers a conspiracy by opposing parties to kill him - because that's the only way politics works. So, he comes up with a master plan to fake his own death.

The villagers accelerate the process of completing all the work that Periyapaandi started, because that is the only way to honor his death. Therefore, by faking his death, Periyapaandi actually acts as an invisible catalyst. But, he is so bad at faking his own death, people find out he is very much alive. Meanwhile, his family is drowning in sorrow, and the villagers decide that Periyapaandi's wife must marry Chinnapaandi. Chinnapaandi refuses, only because he already has a secret girlfriend. From here, the climax is ushered in and the film ends on a happy note for the audience - it is all finally over.

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