Udhayam NH4

Udhayam NH4

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Directed by : Manimaran

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“A road movie with delicate humor, thrilling chase sequences and real stunts. Udhayam NH4 is definitely a winning action ride. Go for it.”

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Thrilling getaway from commercial Tamil cinema

Rated 3.0 / 5
by Rajiv Menon (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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What differentiates Udhayam from other movies in the same genre is its presentation. Boasting a storyline we are all familiar with, and have seen over the years in number of films, it manages to keep you hooked for most part of the film. Coming from the factory of Vetrimaran, known for offbeat films such as "Pollathavan" and "Aadukalam", the film doesn't deviate from the path it chooses early on. Laced with occasional subtle humour, exciting chase sequences and stunts too real to be ignored, "Udhayam" manages to give you an experience worth your time and money.

The reputation of a high-profiled politician is tarnishe

d when his daughter Ritika, gets kidnapped by her classmate Prabhu, who is supposedly in love with her. Aware of the damage it could cause to his political career, the conniving father chooses not to press charges and, therefore, seeks the help of an encounter specialist, Manoj Menon.

It's the responsibility of Manoj, on his son's birthday, to bring back Ritika to her father and bump off Prabhu. Unaware of the gravity of the situation and who he is dealing with, Manoj starts investigating under the assumption that the case can be closed in approximately two hours. But, what begins as a cat and mouse game soon turns into something unexpected. Will Manoj achieve what he set out to accomplish? This forms the rest of the story.

Touted to be a road movie, which it appears to be mostly, Udhayam takes place mostly between highway connecting Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. It's easy to predict the outcome of this film after a point, but that doesn't make it any less interesting.

Walking a tight rope between love and friendship, the film doesn't prove whether the former is superior to latter or vice versa, but it forces you accept all relationships at par. You might not agree with this concept but you are likely to be proven wrong when you walk out of the theater post watching Udhayam.

Neither does the film have a separate comedy track nor distracting songs. Fortunately, all these commercial elements never break the flow of the narrative, which works very well in the favour of the film. The whole plot about drinking aimlessly paves way to a noble thought at the end of the film. It might sound preachy but its cent percent sensible.

Siddharth and Kay Kay Menon are superb in their respective roles, but one of the glaring flaws in the entire film has to be bad dubbing. The lip sync of most characters literally makes everything look so artificial. I understand since most of the story is set in Bangalore, and the characters are bound to speak with heavy Kannada accent, but that doesn't mean you make them look so dumb. Debutante Ashrita for sure can't act. She is pretty and certainly has the charming aura to attract anybody, but she can't act for sure.

Stunts make up for some of the best highlights of the film. Stunt sequences in the pub and on road featuring Kay Kay, shot mostly using stationary camera, is a treat to watch. Background score works to an extent but becomes repetitive after a point of time.

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