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An original thriller set in the late 1990s, revolving around an engineering college in the interiors of Tamil Nadu

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Uriyadi impresses with its hard-hitting action sequences and vocal political undertones.

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Rated 3.5 / 5
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With terrific performances from a relatively new cast and a burning premise, Naalaiya Iyakkunar fame debutant director Vijay Kumar has made a sure-footed debut in Uriyadi, which works as a solid political action thriller.

While the first half moves at a rapid pace with scenes intercut between showcasing the shenanigans of four carefree final year engineering students and the local politicians who exploit the vulnerabilities of caste card. The interval block ups the ante with an interesting sequence which intrigues viewers.

Vijay Kumar has done a masterstroke with the last few minutes of the film where he provides plausible justification to the disgusting violence shown on screen. With the proceedings happening in 1999, Vijay Kumar has taken the cinematic liberty to utilize fierce props to stage various gruesome murders. The film is definitely not the the faint hearted people. Stay away if you have a weak stomach.

How social stratum plays a pivotal role in deciding the influence of local politics is explained comprehensively in the film, which shines in Vijay Kumar's bold narrative style.