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An original thriller set in the late 1990s, revolving around an engineering college in the interiors of Tamil Nadu

Uriyadi Audience Review

Uriyadi Review- A splendid revenge thriller

Rated 3.0 / 5

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Uriyadi begins with a Bharathiyar song "Agni kunjondru kandaen - adhai ….Angoru kaattil Or pondhidai vaithaen; Vendhu thanindhadhu kaadu; - thazhal Veerathil kunjendrum mooppendrum undo?". English translation: (I found a small spark of fire and placed it inside a burrow in a forest, the entire forest was burnt down to ashes; An ember is mighty enough regardless of its size)

Debut director Sivakumar is brilliant that the whole story line of Uriyadi has been conveyed in these lines. What happens when an evil politician plans to murder four college going kids and use it for his own good? The kids destroy the empire of the politicians and burn it down to ashes.

If Ram Gopal Varma's Udhayam gave a new treatment in projecting violence for 1989 audiences, Uriyadi is more realistic and who knows? If Sivakumar's movies are as promising as Uriyadi, Kollywood has got its own Ram Gopal Varma of late 80s and 90s (not the current one, of course).

The pre climax portion by showing the reality as Mime Gopi's thought process and the unreal revenge from students as the real ending of the film is quite brilliant. Another big advantage of Uriyadi is the casting that all the actors appear real and we see them one among us.

Also, the director must be lauded for showing the ground reality of caste based politics without being preachy. Yes, the film has overdose of violence but to destroy evil, there should be array of gory sequences and it didn't bother me much.

If you are a lover of realistic movies and justified violence, Uriyadi is your cup of tea.

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