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Directed by : Sakthivel Perumalsamy

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  • MJ Rating 1.5/5
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Urumeen is an Tamil action thriller film written and directed by newcomer Sakthivel Perumalsamy. It stars Bobby Simha, Kalaiyarasan and Reshmi Menon.


“Urumeen Is A Routine Entertainer That Makes You Yawn.”

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Bobby Simha

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Urumeen Is A Typical Violent Film That Makes You Yawn!

Rated 2.0 / 5

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How many times have you watched a movie trailer and realized that you don't need to watch the movie to know what it is about? Urumeen falls into that category. The movie starts of on an interesting note with some spectacular visuals , but then you realize that the buildup is unnecessary. While watching Urumeen I really tried hard to see if there was anything in the movie that would be worth appreciating. Unfortunately, the poor direction combined with a run of the mill storyline makes this one of the most typical movies that you can ever get. Let's face it Simhaa and Kalaiarasan are talented actors and both have proved their mettle with the films Jigarthanda and Madras respectively. The director stated that this film would be another performance oriented film for Kalairasan but sadly I could not see even a single scene where his talent was shown. Urumeen is nothing but your typical revenge story churned out once again with a new cast. In other words "Old Wine In New Bottle." The storyline tests your patience and you get irritated in many scenes. This is another tale of mindless violence.

Hopefully, both the capable actors will wake up and not pick such boring scripts in the future. Considering that both Kalaiarasan and Simhaa are skilled performers Sakthivel Perumalsamy has just completely wasted his chance on delivering a good film. The only positive thing is that this movie will not get much notice as people are busy recovering from the torrential floods.

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