Uyire Uyire

Uyire Uyire

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Directed by : A. R. Rajasekar

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Uyire Uyire is an Tamil film directed by A. Rajasekhar and produced by veteran actress Jaya Prada and former politician Amar Singh.


“Uyire Uyire is lifeless and not worth your time”

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Siddhu Jonnalagadda


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"Uyire Uyire" does suck your soul!

Rated 1.0 / 5
by Mukesh Kumar (678 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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The original telugu version "Ishq" gets spoiled and the end taste is more sour than sweet, unfortunately. The first half of the film promises to set things up quite nicely and we believe that we are going to see a breezy entertainer. But there's a set back straight away by poorly executing every single shot. And then the second half more focuses on the one-oneupmanship and mind games between the two male leads and hence loses out the real romance between the hero and the heroine, unfortunately.

The drama which ought to have developed between Hansika & Siddhu is put aside and their track becomes very one-sided without any friction as there are no conflicts between them. There is only one conflict for the hero and that is Shiva. Compared to Rahul, Shiva's role gets more scope and appears more varied and better evolved. The director could have etched some conflict in the love story rather than playing to the gallery by making the villain look cornered. Had the focus been on the drama between the hero-heroine then the end result should have been an icing on the cake in my honest opinion.

Nothing much to brag about performances as none of them were found to be comfortable in front of screen. Hansika in particular continutes to be one belle who does nothing more than throwing some random smiles and wannabe 'cuteness'. Irritant.

Techincally the movie was much better than what it is meritoriously. Decent cinematography and seamless editing made sure our eyes are pleased. But the director ultimately made sure our senses weren't pleased as such!

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