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Directed by : Vijay Chandar

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  • Critics Rating 2.7/5
  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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Vaalu is an Tamil action comedy film written and directed by debutant Vijay Chander. The film features Silambarasan and Hansika Motwani in the lead roles, with Santhanam, VTV Ganesh and Brahmanandam in other supporting roles.


“No harm done in watching this light-hearted entertainer.”

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Vaalu - Tail Fail

Rated 2.0 / 5

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Finally, it's out. Vaalu was that medicine bottle in the cabinet that had passed its expiry date and nobody was brave enough to open it and actually check if it's still of any use. And then, it happened. While Vaalu stars Simbu in the lead, the number of times Ajith (Thala) and Vijay (Thalapathy) have been referenced in this movie warrants them to be mentioned in the credits as well. It's like getting caught for drunk driving and trying to escape by saying "I know the commissioner. I know the commissioner's brother also. I know this is an irresponsible statement irrelevant to the current situation, but I'm taking a leap of faith here. Can I go now?"

Hansika Motwani. You're already laughing, aren't you? It's like she is Kollywood's Alia Bhatt. In this film, she loses her iPhone and her first reflex is to cry because that's what people who lose their iPhones do these days. She curls up in a corner and thinks about the kidney her father had to sell to get her that phone. He had to do that to make her shut up and stop her tantrums, but that doesn't matter. LOL. Even Android has apps to help you track your lost phone. But, Hansika is too cool for logic and using technology to find her missing expensive gadgets.

Enter Simbu. He hates love. He spends an entire song talking about hating love. And then, falls in love. At first sight. With the girl who loses her iPhone. This last bit is known only to the audience, as they wait another half an hour until Simbu goes "Ohh, Riiiiight!" before spending ten days chasing after her. Then there is a song where he does some cosplay as Thala, Rajni, Kamal, and Manmadhan (yeah, himself, because we didn't know it was him only). At this point, Vaalu becomes a vote of thanks for all those who helped raise funds and release the movie at the box office.

This movie also features a good looking bad guy. He is the poor man's Surya. If Surya stopped growing his beard and started actually growing, that's how this guy looks. He is not the villain, because in the end when Simbu tells him "See bro, I'm taking away the girl you like. I only put all efforts. You didn't do anything and took everything for granted. I worked hard and spent so much time and energy on her. So, the girl is mine. Okay, va? By the by, don't be like other villains and come for a fight with me. For a change, accept it and walk away. Okay, ji?"

Discount Surya smiles and walks away. Roll credits.

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