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Vaanavil Vazhkai

Vaanavil Vazhkai

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James Vasanthan will be making his directorial debut with "Vaanavil Vazhkai".

Vaanavil Vazhkai Audience Review

Vaanavil Vazhkai movie review

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Vaanavil Vazhkai is a genuine effort by debutant director James Vasanth to give a full-fledged musical film, may be a first of its kind in Kollywood. The vision was good but the execution might have not hit the bulls eye. The movie is about college students and their dream to make it big in the national level music competition. Its like they don't know anything other than music. They sing a song for everything, even in a canteen with cups and plates. A bit overwhelming at times.

The film gives us an opportunity to dive into the lives of college students and also gives us a chance to relive some of our golden college moments. At some point of time, you will feel that your college times were far better from what you see on screen. The lead characters did the singing as well and looked good while singing. Off the mike, their performances were a bit amateurish and staged.

Vaanavil Vazhkai is a pretty good album. But visually the songs were not shot well. The stage shots looked repetitive and their performances on stage lacked perfection. And the shots that showed the audiences looked very artificial. The audiences were randomly waving their hands upon hearing the word 'action' from the director. Thank god, the director didnt slip in a scene having the audience having happy tears listening to the songs. Also the supporting dancers and friends of the lead characters didnt fit in quite well. Watch out for the friends of a character called Vinni. They are the "Rich girls" types from a Vishal movie.

Having said that, James Vasanth was pretty good with his music. Songs were good but with 17 songs, you might need some patience to sit through or have to be a music lover. And if you are someone who walks out of the theatre to have a smoke during the songs, then you might very well get a cancer. And if you are someone who takes a loo break during songs, then you can better take a chair with you and stay there itself. Because there is a song in every 5 minutes. There is a soup song, apology song, love song, village song, city song, happy song, friendship song, Ghaana song, song song and more. Just a death song was missing.

On the technical side, editing was good but could have chopped a few scenes in the 2nd half. 1st half looks more vibrant, while the 2nd half dragged a lot, once u knew where this film was heading. Cinematography was pretty decent. Angles and framing was good but few scenes looked as if they were shot with nokia 6600. They looked grainy and had a lot of chaotic digital noise. Screenplay could have been a bit more tighter with focus on performances and emotions too rather than just songs. Story is cliched and could be easily related to our lives but just that out college lives would have been more interesting and fun filled. Could have avoided the sentiment and love portions and focused on music with a bit of happy college times.

Vaanavil Vazhkai is definitely a good album to listen. Has a good mix of cool lyrics and professional singing. A good musical film and a very good effort but the lack of strong performances and emotions, makes it a predictable film. You know these guys will all the competitions, including the national competition. At least the director could have avoided the love angle between the lead singers. Cliched script, predictable screenplay, ok performances and good music is all about Vaanavil Vazhkai.

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