Vandha Mala

Vandha Mala

2.9 158 Ratings

Release Date : | Length : 148 Minutes

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Vandha Mala is a Tamil comedy film starring Mahanadi Shankar and Priyanka.


“Avoid this film at all costs!”

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Vandha Mala - Pona Mayiru

Rated 1.0 / 5

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Hey, how are you today? I'm fine. Everyone at home is also fine. In fact, even my neighbors are doing great. Let me tell you what happened the other day. It's not interesting at all, and I know you didn't ask me about it, but I'm going to tell you anyway; because I can.

Confused? Vandha Mala is ten times worse. There are four youths. They ride around Nanganallur and snatch chains. Then, when chased, escape by going around a temple until the audience is dizzy. There is a "love" song that is so bad, the backup dancers look like they're doing this only because they are couple who eloped from home and have no other option to pay the bills. There is a random circumcision happening, nobody knows why. By now, nobody gives a dick anymore.

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