Vandhan Vendran

Vandhan Vendran

2.9 160 Ratings

Directed by : R. Kannan

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  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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Vandhaan Vendraan - Doosra pitched in leg and wide

| by Baranidharan Sivasankaran |
Rated 2.0 / 5
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How often have you seen Muralidharan's 'doosra' given as wide, after the ball is pitched in leg and holds its line? Vandhaan Vendraan is one of the many such deliveries with a deceptive plot which had the potential to be a winner at the box office, but failing to make an impression.

The story unfolds in a southern Tamil Nadu village as a rivalry between siblings in their tender years and ends in Mumbai with some blood splashed all over. One can breathe a sigh of relief in the sense that the Tamil Nadu sickle culture is not taken as part of the proceedings and the director has managed to move to a metro like Mumbai where henchmen are given guns and mouthful of Hindi dialog.

The weakest area of the movie is the screenplay and characterization. The character of Tapsee is so weak such that one feels that it is better off without her. Seriously, this female is a big let down as far as her ability to emote on screen and dialog delivery is poor. She lacks the screen presence and halts the proceedings big time.

The songs, even though Kanchana Mala and Anjana were foot tapping numbers, makes the story limp and hinders it from touching the finishing line.

All these weaknesses does not allow the movie to grow upon the audiences.

Jiiva as always is good to watch, but he is getting too much of such roles as a boy next door which certainly brings in a sense of sickness.

Nanda, as the antagonist is fresh on screen and suffices the cause.

Santhaanam, one of the few reliefs in the movie. Yet another rocking performance! The scene where he is told to steal the mobile phone is a scream to watch.

Music of Thaman is good. Background was surprisingly subtle and after a long time one can feel the right notes at the background, which gels with the proceedings.

Cinematography was fantastic. The camera angles and the song picturization deserves a pat.

Editing, though slick, could have been better in terms of pace.

After sitting through some mindless and tedious proceedings, moving towards the climax, when the audiences try hard to persuade themselves of the fact that their wallets got looted, the director tries to save them with an element of twist. But the damage has been done already and it is too little too late.

Verdict: Watch it when telecasted in your favorite channel during Diwali (hopefully!)