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Vandhan Vendran

Vandhan Vendran

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Directed by : R. Kannan

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Vandhan Vendran is a crime-dram movie directed by R. Kannan and stars Jeeva in the lead role

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Uninteresting unimaginitive sibling rivalry story

Rated 1.5 / 5
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May be the director (Kannan) was afraid that the producer would back out and hence started filming in a hurry. His sincerity, which was quite evident in Jayam Kondaan, is totally missing. He escaped the second time with a remake (Kandaen Kadhalai). This time, it shows.

Ramana (Nandha) is a dreaded gangster in Mumbai and Arjun (Jeeva) desperately wants to meet him. Reason? Arjun's girlfriend, Anjana (Tapsee), has laid down a condition to him saying that Arjun needs to get Ramana arrested to marry her because her father gets killed accidently during one of Ramana's gang wars. The first half is about Arjun meeting Ramana and narrating his love story (narrated in flash backs) and ends with Arjun vowing to have him arrested. The second half is about how Arjun fulfills his mission.

The first half starts off with some promise but falls flat when Arjun reveals that his mission is to make Ramana surrender himself to the police. Ramana, who lives in a castle(?), is supposed to be the No.1 gangster in Mumbai with involvement in multiple illegal dealings and his life is constantly under threat. But he walks freely on the streets of Mumbai, kills the gangsters himself and is hardly well protected. It feels even more stupid when he patiently hears Arjun out and lets him threaten him, and... when he doesnt know that a famous Mumbai industrialist was killed during his gang fight. You don't need much intelligence to guess that they are brothers. Arjun employs the most boring tactics to get Ramana caught. And the climax is one more example of the most obvious. Arjun and Anjana's flashback can be rated as the worlds most senseless love story. And Ramana's brief love story is a clear case of last-minute patch work.

Jeeva, who looks quite unfit in many scenes, doesn't go wrong in terms of acting, but doesn't make an impression either. Good, that he has now started working with established directors. Nandha sports one expression (what is it? seriousness or menace?) throughout the film and never takes it off even once. Tapsee just ruins the flashback with her terrible acting and bad lip-sync. While she is hardly cute in the lighter scenes she is downright annoying in the serious portions. The dubbing artiste (Chinmayi) tries her best to salvage it, but Tapsee wins. Santhanam plays the exploited friend one more time. He, to an extent, saves the film with his witty one-liners. But he is sure to get stale in one year. Too many known faces playing insignificant roles only worsen the already chaotic screenplay.

Cinematography is consistently eye catching. Thaman's music is a little better than his previous works. Anjana and Kanchanamala are hummable numbers. But all the songs only slacken the plot. Editing is inconsistent while art direction doesn't really stand out.

Here's this week's supply of mediocrity.

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