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Directed by : Siva

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  • Critics Rating 2.5/5
  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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Vedalam is an action film starring Ajith Kumar and Shruti Haasan in the lead roles. The movie is directed by Siva of Veeram fame.


“Vedalam Is Indeed A True Thala Deepavali!”

Vedalam Credit & Casting

Ajith Kumar


Vedalam Audience Review

Theriiii Massss For Only Thala's One Man Show!

Rated 2.8 / 5

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Thala Ajith and Siva's most expected Mass-Masala Vedhalam is here! With so much of hype and buzz for this film, the expectations were nothing less of a grand treat for the audiences. Has Vedalam lived up to the expectations? YES! If you consider Siva's style of direction, he is not a director to expect logical movies from. Siva also claimed that this film will be a PAKKA Mass treat. So first of all don't come here expecting a logical movie because it is no where close to that. If you are ready to keep your brains at home and just enjoy Thala's magic this movie will definitely not disappoint you. The first half starts off in a fun and entertaining manner with a slightly different characterization for Ajith. The film is filled with its sequence of regular comic scenes, routine songs, emotions, and OFCOURSE Action. Everything you expect from a Tamil Mass Masala entertainer is present in this film.

The two real plus points of this film are Ajith and Anirudh's BGM. Ajith carries this whole script on his shoulders and puts in a power packed, energetic performance in almost all scenes of the movie. The action sequences are a real visual treat and though they are not realistic its real fun to watch. Ajith's terrific screen presence will have his fans whistling in several sequences. His Hulk like appearance combined with his manliness make Vedhalam one of the better masala films. My most favourite action sequence from the film is one that takes place on a boat. In that particular scene Ajith rocks the show with a never before seen performance. Anirudh's background score is pulsating and keeps you all fired up. Thala also rocks in his role as a gangster and the Aaluma Doluma song can only be defined in one word THERIIIIIII.

The rest of the characters in the film do not add any substance to the film and the villains are the usual over the top type you would expect except with the difference being that these baddies are dressed in a stylish manner with suits. What's with Tamil directors always selecting some handsome North Indian villains these days? Ajith does his best to save this script but the director hasn't done justice in delivering a proper storyline. Ajith is a actor who is capable of much more and with the right script, he can definitely go places.

Overall, Vedhalam is definitely watchable once for Ajith's energetic performance, but do not expect a lot from the storyline.

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