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Its the story of a village milkman, who is happy-go-lucky and is liked by one and all. A twist comes in the normal life of the village that fuels the angry young vigilante in the ordinary milkman. Genelia comes to the village as a TV reporter, and while she captures the hearts of her TV viewers her heart is stolen by Vijay. T...more

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Delicious South Indian Masala

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If racy screen play, run of the mill wafer thin storyline, crude comedy, and mindless action scenes laced with some rocking numbers and punch dialogs are your cup of tea, then Velayutham is the best bet that you can ever have for this festive season.

Velayutham alias Velu is a simpleton living in a village, who is in awe of his sister. On the other side, in Chennai, there is a journalist (Genelia) who creates a fictitious character called Velayutham who is touted to be the super hero who fights against all odds to restore peace; this is to invoke awareness among the public and to keep the anti-social elements at bay. The rest of the movie is all about how one situation leads to another to make our village simpleton the super hero Velayutham.

The first half just zipped through and got over in a flash; the antiques showcased by Vijay and Saranya Mohan were enjoyable and was thoroughly lapped up by the family audiences.

The second half, though a bit lengthy, was saved largely because of Vijays action sequences laced with some sentiments which worked out big time with his huge fan base.

Vijay was the sole performer and was present in almost all the frames of the movie. He had a terrific screen presence and performed the high octane action scenes with zeal. He completely stole the show and walked away with the trophy as always.

Hansika Motwani as the bubbly village girl, who was touted to woo Vijay from the start till the end did her job with panache and obviously got rewarded at the end. There was ample space to showcase her glamor quotient and she made it fruitful to mark her territory in Kollywood.

Genelia, as the investigative journalist played the perfect second fiddle and was aptly cast. She delivered a seasoned performance and looked gorgeous on screen as the smart and happening contemporary lass.

Saranya Mohan was offered a plum role and this one was by far the best ever performance that she could have ever given. It was not special in any way, but it had a significant effect in taking the movie forward as far as the sentiment factor was concerned.

Santhaanams comedy, though crude at times, raises laughter and gelled perfectly well with Vijays body language and timing. I felt that he could have been given a much bigger canvas wherein he would have brought the house down big time.

There were around 3 villains including Vincent, who was killed as usual during the course of the movie. The other 2 survive till the end before falling prey to our super hero during the long drawn out climax.

Music by Vijay Antony was targeted at the masses and each and every song received a thunderous applause in the theatre. Another super hit music release from his stable.

On the down side, the movie had far too many clichs associated with Vijay movies like almost all characters were heaping praises for Velayutham, an unbelievable screen play, slow and predictable second half and tacky graphics.

Overall, I feel that Jayam Raja has pulled it off this time with a formulaic story which balances the equation and satisfies the fans of Vijay and others alike.

Its going to be Velayutham which is going to dictate terms at the box office for the next few weeks.

Verdict: A perfect family entertainer with hardly any logic!