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Directed by : M. Raja

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Its the story of a village milkman, who is happy-go-lucky and is liked by one and all. A twist comes in the normal life of the village that fuels the angry young vigilante in the ordinary milkman. Genelia comes to the village as a TV reporter, and while she captures the hearts of her TV viewers her heart is stolen by Vijay. T...more

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An engaging 'Vijay' formula!

Rated 2.5 / 5
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Director M. Raja picks an old Telugu film (Azaad), adds all the Vijay elements plus the commercial cliches in right proportions and creates a low intellect but racy and entertaining commercial pot-boiler.

Velayudham is a naughty sister-loving villager who comes to Chennai to redeem his chit money to conduct his sister's wedding. Genelia is a reporter with a mission to expose the ills of the society and in her quest creates a fictional 'Velayudham', the avenger of evil. The greedy Home Minister of TN, in collusion with Islamic terrorists, plans a series of bomb blasts in Chennai and the real Velayudham unknowingly saves the public and becomes an accidental super-hero without a face. When the situation gets real serious, Velayudham, at the cost of losing his sister, becomes the avenger and cleans the mess.

There is nothing different about the film. Narration is pretty straightforward and the plot is no brain-teaser which make the film totally predictable. But the pace is mostly even and fast thereby making the film watchable. While the first half is fun-filled, the second half gets serious and this transition is quite smooth. The film does get a bit tedious and preachy towards the end when the viewer is waiting for the obvious to happen. And the songs are the main speed breakers in the fast narrative.

It is a tailor-made role for Vijay and he carries it off with his usual aplomb. He completely overshadows every other actor in the film, does everything he is good at and ensures that his fans are pleased. Genelia, who has so far played only a bubbly (sometimes, crazy) girl, struggles to play a serious reporter and her weird lip-sync makes it worse. Hansika Motwani, in a silly role of Vijay's suitor, looks totally miscast as the village girl, but seems slightly more tolerable than Genelia. Santhanam, as the talentless thief, is somewhat funny, but gets lost in Vijay's antics. Saranya Mohan as Vijay's sister is a mere prop except when she dies. The villains (too many, actually), the good and the bad cops and the huge supporting cast do what is required of them. Anyway, none of them have been cast to give stand-out performances.

In a Vijay film, the songs, normally, are hummable and entertaining to watch. This time, they dont work all that well. The other technical departments have been clearly briefed to be purely functional which they do well.

It entertains, no doubt. But enriching? Come on! Its a Vijay film!

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