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Vellore Maavattam

Vellore Maavattam

3.2 45 Ratings

Directed by : R. N. R. Manohar

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  • MJ Rating 1.5/5
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It is the story of a tough senior policeman and his fight with the corrupt politicians.

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Yawn Fest!

Rated 1.0 / 5
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It is the usual story of an upright police officer caught in a corrupt system and how he cleans it, but, with ONE difference. The story happens in Vellore. LOL. Thats about it. Nothing else! So, the regular impatient viewers who get out during song sequences, here, walk out during regular scenes as well.

Nanda plays Muthukumar, the son of a poor farmer, who turns into a principled police officer. He is posted as an ASP in his own district and he starts off well by bringing order in his area. Trouble starts in the form of Gurumurthy (Azhagam Perumal), the local kingpin who rules the area with his political connections. But Muthukumar fights the system and emerges triumphant. In between all this, he meets Priya (Poorna), falls in love with her and gets married to her.

All the characters in the film (a straight forward cop, an understanding father, a tolerant wife, corrupt other cops, even more corrupt politicians and their front men ) have been seen in numerous cop films earlier and hence there isn't one single character that really stands out. And the screenplay doesn't offer any surprise either. The hero picks the stalest of the strategies available and nails the wrong-doers in the most predictable fashion. And in the end, every body in the country is apparently corrupt except the hero. Then, who made him the commissioner in the end? Seems like the director (R N R Manohar) watched too many Indian cop films for inspiration and got thoroughly confused!

Nandha extends his stern look he carried in his earlier film 'Vandhaan Vendran'. But, he seems to have sincerely prepared for his role. Poorna hardly gets any scope. Azhagam Perumal has played this role before and does not try to differentiate. G. M. Kumar as the heros father doesn't get much to do either. Santhanam's totally tasteless comedy scenes have been badly placed in the screenplay. Ideally, they shouldnt have been there in the first place.

Sundar C Babu's music is strictly average, but thankfully, there aren't too may songs. Cinematography is OK but art direction and stunts are just pedestrian and don't contribute anything worth mentioning.

The usual tough cop tale, tougher to watch, toughest to stay awake!

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