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Directed by : Anjana Ali Khan

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Set in the backdrop of Northern Chennai, Veppam is an action packed thriller that revolves around five people a student, a mechanic, an artist whos working for an ad agency, a man who works at a photocopy shop and a commercial sex worker.

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Veppam (Heat) - Not too hot as it claims to be!

Rated 2.0 / 5

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When I came to know that Veppam has released in Bangalore, I promptly booked the ticket at a cineplex through online booking for the 6:50 PM show today. 30 minutes later, around 4 PM it started raining cats and dogs. I was keeping my fingers crossed for the rains to hold on and finally the skies gave way to some fresh air and I zoomed past the traffic and wet roads to the theatre by 6:45PM only to find the "cleaning in progress" sign. I was the sixth and final guy. Yet another experience at a cineplex, watching a movie with almost no audiences.

Coming to the movie, I was expecting a realistic movie with a Chennai milieu with some twists and turns. It was almost on the plate, but I should say that I was largely disappointed with certain directorial glitches of debut director Anjana. Naive dialogs and a weak screen play which oscillates back and forth in time bring in the wearisomeness.

I was about to say casting was good, well almost. There was this female antagonist role (Ammaachi), which was supposed to pack some punch, but the person who has enacted it, badly needs a crash course in acting.... she sticks out like a sore thumb.

The way in which the film unfolds and the sequences which follow, helps in unwinding the story rather smoothly and I have no complaints. But, since the director has no grip over the screenplay and the story, the audiences too loose the same.

As far as the acting goes:

Nanni and Karthik Kumar have been well utilized and they have shared their screen spaces like gentlemen and have contributed to the healthy trend of making multi-starrers in Kollywood. They both have got into the skin of their respective characters and have done a great job.

Nithya Menon, as a local Chennai girl is bubbly and has oodles of talent in her. Though she has not dubbed in her own sweet and husky voice which is her biggest strength, she still manages to do a convincing job at it.

Bindhu Madhavi, in a role which is a bit of a risk has distributed glamor and acting skills almost equally and is able to get the sympathy from the audiences towards the end.

The person, who acted as Nanni's brother (Muthukumar), portrays the role of an angry young man convincingly with a subtle voice over by Gautham Menon which kicks in the sickness at times.

One of the protagonists Jothi (Shimore), is one of the few good "bad man" in recent times.

Om Prakash's cinematography nails the title of the movie in every frame and one can feel the sweat as every scene has a bright and shimmering dimension.

Music and BGM by Joshua Shridhar is riveting. I have been listening to the numbers for the past 2 months and "Mazhai Varum Ariguri" is the pick of the lot and is counted as one among my favourite melodies in my iTunes playlist. The songs are pictured like a music video, with an aesthetic appeal.

Editing by Antony is laudable and it brings in the slickness. But the sensors have done their honours in various parts of the movie as far as the dialogs are concerned.

Anjana, has done a decent directorial debut, but should not forget to learn the nuances from her mentor, Gautam, who is a master at casting and screenplay. Still, I am saving an element of appreciation for her for making an audacious attempt which departs from the path which is usually traversed by her female counterparts in this space. Good luck.

Verdict: Can be watched once (with less expectations)

PS: Lots of violence and explicit dialogs