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Directed by : Vasantha Mani

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  • MJ Rating 2.9/5
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Vetrivel is an Tamil film written and directed by Vasantha Mani.


“Vetrivel is watchable for the family moments.”

Vetrivel Credit & Casting

M. Sasikumar


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Vetrivel Audience Review

Vetrivel Review- okayish rural entertainer

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Sasikumar's Vetrivel offers nothing new, in fact it's just a dejavu of the actor's earlier films--Nadodigal and Sundarapandian. There are eloping sequences resembling Nadodigal and family clashes like Sundarapandian but the problem is Vetrivel couldn't keep audiences guessing, we can easily predict what's going to come next and the screenplay is not effective.

Sasikumar couldn't add any extra positivity to the film as he is yet to become an efficient actor to carry an age old films on his shoulders. But thankfully, the film has got Prabhu and Viji Chandrasekar, who have used all their experience in the film and they are saving graces.

Vetrivel also borrows few sequences/flavors from Mammotty's 1998 film Marumalarachi, the unexpected marriage and how the girl impressed by our hero's clean slate characterization.

The film moves at a leisure pace and by the time, the director moves to climax we are exhausted and wants to leave the hall, which is not a good sign at all!

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