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Vettai revolves around an honest constable, who cares for the well being of the town and always strikes against the evil. He is survived by two sons and they are contradictory in characters. While the elder one stands out as a disciplined, good person the younger one is completely opposite and is far-famed as 'Trouble Maker' ...more

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This hunt results in no great catch

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Rated 2.0 / 5
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Vettai had everything going for it a hit team, a fresh star cast, a good technical crew and, above all, a fairly interesting plot. All of this turns futile because of a weak screenplay and uninteresting narration.

Meek Thirumurthy (Madhavan) and gutsy Gurumurthy (Arya) are affectionate brothers belonging to a family of cops. Guru is Thirus eternal saviour during times of distress. When their father suddenly dies, Thiru is forced to take up his fathers police job. Since his cowardice prevents him from taking risks, Guru comes to his help and they reach a pact. Guru helps Thiru with his daredevilry to aid Thiru to perform his duties. As a result Thiru becomes a hero of the town. Vasanthi (Sameera Reddy) and Jayanti (Amala Paul) are sisters who keep rejecting marriage proposals till Vasanti marries Thiru. And Jayanti falls in love with Guru and eventually marries him. There are miscreants who dont like Thirus growth affecting their business, with Annaachi (Ashutosh Rana) being the main villain. They get to know of the brothers strategy and beat up Thiru. At the end of this ordeal, Thiru transforms into a brave man. Both the brothers, together, clean up the town.

The film starts out pretty well. And once the brothers joint act is revealed, you sit up expecting more novelties. Similarly, the constant squabbles between Arya and Sameera are watchable, more so because they are not paired with each other. The relationship between Madhavan and Arya does not become very melodramatic which is quite refreshing. These are some of the plusses.

Three songs in quick succession in the first half become too painful. Post interval, the plot becomes predictable, the events dont sustain ones interest and you can see yawns all around inside the theatre. Madhavan learning to walk as the baddies beat up Arya can be termed as the most clichd cinematic liberty. And importing linguistically challenged bollywood villains is adding no value or freshness. It is high time it stopped. The episode of the stereotypical 'america mappillai' is clear case of imagination deficit.

The performances are mostly competent. Madhavan plays his part well but looks terribly unfit. Arya makes good use of the opportunity given to him. Amala Paul looks fresh, dances well and nicely fits into the commercial mould. Though not a great role, she captivates with her breezy presence. Sameera, who looks a little old in the close-ups, is not bad. But what language is she speaking? There seems to be no connection between her lip movement and the actual dialogue. The villains are not scary at all. Nasser has been wasted.

Yuvans songs dont sound bad but except for Pappapappa nothing stays in the memory. Nirav Shahs visuals are rich and eye-catchy. Rajeevan proves his mettle once again. Anthonys editing cant be blamed for the slackness.

What could have been a nice Pongal weekend treat turns out to be an average fare. And, with Nanban playing alongside chances of a big draw seem quite dim.