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3.4 560 Ratings

Directed by : N Linguswamy

Release Date : | Length : 150 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.0/5
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Vettai revolves around an honest constable, who cares for the well being of the town and always strikes against the evil. He is survived by two sons and they are contradictory in characters. While the elder one stands out as a disciplined, good person the younger one is completely opposite and is far-famed as 'Trouble Maker' ...more

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Rated 2.0 / 5

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Vettai (Hunt) Action Unlimited!
Lingusamy, one of the trusted names in Kollywood, who guarantees a thorough entertainer most of the times, has come up with Vettai, with a wafer thin story line and an ensemble cast.
Vettais story is about siblings Thiru (Madhavan) and Guru (Arya) and their bonding. Madhavan is portrayed as a timid guy who is a softy and coward by nature, whereas Arya is a ruffian who is prepared to settle his scores then and there, especially when the axe comes near his brother. Madhavan joins the police department out of Aryas compulsions and tries to survive the test of times with his brothers interference and savours the credit. Transformation of Madhavans character into a real action hero to cleanse the scum of the society in the second half forms the rest of the story. Parallely, there is a love quadrangle between the lead pairs Arya and Amala Paul and Madhavan and Sameera which provides ample scope for some sentiment and glamor.
Though the action sequences initially were engaging, an overdose of the same until the climax made the movie watching experience tedious and one could see the tiredness in the eyes of the audiences exiting the theatre. High decibel punch dialogs, cars vrooming through the sandy roads, the often misquoted thirunelveli dialect, speed breaker songs, etc. all gave me a sense of dj vu.
Arya and Madhavan had done their roles with ease and minimal fuss, which required nothing special from them. For Madhavan, it was a more matured role whereas for Aryas, he had to stretch his muscles for every second or third frame.
The glam dolls, Sameera and Amala had cardboard-like roles which was cut to shape and performed as required. Though the lead pair of Arya and Amala ran away with a couple of duets, it is Madhavan and Sameera as a pair, had more screen space. However, there were no noteworthy performances.
The villain was nothing short of being cacophonic with his dialog delivery and was no different than in earlier Lingusamy films.
Though there was some genuine room for comedy, one feels that Lingusamy had not fully utilized it and has faltered most of the times. However Thambi Ramaiah and Nasser (in an extended cameo) managed to provide some gags at times.
Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja was average, though the hit number Papa papa got going all the way and made the front benchers sizzle. The background score was totally unpleasant and noisy.
Camera and Editing was sufficient to make the movie racy.
Stunt by needs a special mention as he managed to raise the bar as the movie progressed. Well-choreographed!
On the whole, Vettai can be enjoyed as a no-logic entertainer for this festive season and it is no meaningful cinema by any yardstick.

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