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Directed by : R. Parthiban

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Vithagan is the story of Rowthiran, a stylish cop who doesnt attack the criminals like every other cop. He enters the mind of the criminal and then attacks.

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Vithagan (With the Gun) - Without any Fun!

Rated 1.5 / 5

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R. Parthipan is one of the most prominent names in Kollywood. He is known for his quick wit speech and repartee underlined with a skill to think out of the box. His fresh directorial venture, Vithagan had a story and screenplay which could have exploited this unique skill of his, but has only managed to fall in between the stools.

Vithagan narrates the story of an upright cop who uses his brain instead of brawn to bring down his opponents and detractors to cleanse the system.

The story by itself was not new as we have seen enough cop movies in the past with much better twists and turns. As the movie unfolded, one tends to yield to the temptation that there would be a special treatment given to the screen play as it was supposed to be curated by Parthipan. But I had only managed to end up with eggs on my face a rotten screenplay with hardly any logic just lulled me to sleep towards the climax.

There was always a sense of urgency to quickly establish the characters with minimal effort and in the process we tend to forget about when and where a character got introduced. There was an inherent flaw in almost every scene where Parthipan manages to take on his opponents and that proves to be a major setback. Another major disaster was the chemistry between the lead pair Poorna and Parthipan. It just did not work out and the romance between the two was nothing short of annoyance, as Parthipan looks too old to romance and he is not a romantic material to say the least.

The second half was devoid of any logic and had a free fall towards the climax where villains were reduced to a bunch of caricatures as does the screen play.

For Parthipan, after Ulle Veliye and Abhimanyu, this is the third time that he is donning the role of a cop and manages to carry the role without much fuss, though his age shows off at times.

Poorna does the conventional heroine stuff of chasing behind an indifferent hero who tries to elude her. She fails this time too as there is nothing spicy in her characterization and proves to be an irritant majority of the time with her presence.

There were a bunch of bad men, among them Milind Soman stood out and tried to deliver but succumbed to the flawed screen play. A handsome hunk like Milind was wasted thoroughly.

Songs by Joshua Sridhar were nothing special and picturization was very ordinary. Dancing with a gun (since movie tag line is with the gun) for a romantic song tends to bring in some laughter.

Editing by Anthony made the movie watchable to some extent as it was a bit pacy in the first half except for the romantic interludes. Kept the movie at 2 hours 15 minutes and made it look a bit tidy as much as possible.

On the whole the movie was another disaster from Parthipan the less said the better!