Yaaruda Mahesh

Yaaruda Mahesh

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Directed by : R. Madhan Kumar

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“Yaaruda Mahesh is an adult comedy with poor performances and a boring story line. Skip it. ”

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Sundeep Kishan


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Rated 2.0 / 5
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Yaaruda Mahesh may be a good film to enjoy when you're drunk because most of the humour can be associated with puns and one-liners usually found in a bar. Even though most of the adult humour is funny, but doesn't quite entertain as much as one expected. Had only the humour was subtly used at regular intervals, it would have an enjoyable movie on the whole. However, there is a double meaning word attached to almost every single dialogue in the film.

The story revolves around two friends Shiva and Vasanth, who spend most of their time either in a bar or in the company of a woman. However, their lives turn topsy-turvy when they embark on a journey in search of a character called Mahesh. Who is Mahesh and why are Shiva and Vasanth on the lookout for him? This forms the rest of the story.

I like the film for the fact that it was not toned down keeping in mind any particular category of the audience. It caters to youngsters mostly because it's more about love, friendship, sex and lots of college humour. The humour is in your face kind and it doesn't bother if you're a family man or youngster or an oldie watching with your entire family. This kind of approach is new to Tamil cinema and, therefore, can be appreciated.

However, the film go overboard with the humour and makes one feel like watching a visual representation of one of the adult jokes books you can find in second hand book market. As the film shifts gears from comedy to thriller, you can expect some momentum in the screenplay.

There isn't much to rave about the performances. Jagan and debutant Sundeep hit it off quite together as team. While they evoke plenty of laughter in the film with double meaning dialogues, but don't engage us with their performances. Debutante Dimple gets to reveal more of her skin than her acting prowess.

It's a nonsensical one-time watch comedy film that requires some patience.

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