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Yarukku Theriyum

Yarukku Theriyum

2.8 184 Ratings

Directed by : Ganesan Kamaraj

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  • MJ Rating 2.0/5
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Yarukku Theriyum is the story of seven strangers with short-term memory loss. Caught inside a factory, they have no way for escape.

Yarukku Theriyum Credit & Casting

Kalabhavan Mani

Yarukku Theriyum Audience Review

Disappointing Thriller

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Rajiv Menon (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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What starts as an engaging thriller turns boring because of weak acting and lack of experienced actors. Although, there are moments that increase tension in the film, nevertheless the overall output fell short of satisfaction. Director Ganeshan, with his guerilla style filmmaking, manages to impress partly, but eventually disappoints everybody.

A young guy is found tied to a chair in a factory outside the town while two other persons are grievously injured. All three regain consciousness and wonder what happened to them when they hear some noises in the factory. What is more important here is that all three are not able to recollect who they are. Further, none of three remembers ever being acquainted and therefore they don't believe each other.

With just two issues - a factory during the night-time and a few people - the director has handled the subject very well and has been able to spin an interesting tale for two hours. The climax really unties several knots that will have the audiences in awe. The director is brilliant in explaining to what extent someone would go just for the sake of money. Further, the director has focused solely on thriller aspect without deviating much. Riyaz Khan and Kalabhavan Mani's acting is satisfying, while others don't impress much.

The director does show signs of creativity with a novel script, but eventually fails to impress the audience with an uninspiring presentation. The characters speak

The first half is engrossing, but as the film proceeds the director seems to have gone of tangent. Comedy scenes, live camera devoid of lighting, several characters talk too much of English and eventually irritate one and all. The screenplay and story saves this film to a great extent.

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