3.2 247 Ratings

Directed by : Vishnuvardhan

Release Date : | Length : 147 Minutes

  • Critics Rating 2.5/5
  • MJ Rating 2.6/5
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What happens when two passionate people with dreams swap places accidentally by fate and their common key to get back their lost life is to defeat the antagonist through the girl whom he wants dead since she can foresee the future.


“Yatchan is a one time watchable film that is interesting in parts. ”

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Yatchan - Good setup, okay-ish punchline

Rated 3.5 / 5

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Yatchan is a story told well. The characters are strong. Some have dreams to chase, while others are running away from something. Yet, the climax seems hastily done, where all the characters converge to meet the same fate.

Krishna plays Karthik - a film fanatic who wants to be on the big screen. His father wants him to handle the family sweets stall instead, and believes Karthik is wasting away chasing impossible dreams. With the help of his girlfriend, Karthik gets on a bus to Chennai. Once there, he begins walking up and down film cities giving auditions and facing rejection.

Meanwhile, Chinna (played by Arya) is running from gangsters in Tuticorin. He owes them money, and the fact that he accidentally killed one of the goons does not help his case. In a final act of self-preservation, he climbs onto the roof of a Chennai bound bus.

Karthik's luck comes through when he auditions for S.J. Suryah and gets selected to play Thala Ajith's brother in Suryah's next flick "Yatchan". Chinna gets offered half a million to murder a seemingly harmless nurse. He takes up the hitman's job, in hopes that he will use the cash to get out of the country for good. All is almost well, until Karthik and Chinna end up switching places. Now, Karthik is a murderer, and Chinna is the next big thing in tinsel town. Yes, it's cliched; no, it's not boring.

The audience may get a glimpse of Gautham Vasudev Menon, Venkat Prabhu, Premgi, and Vishnuvardhan as well. Radio One fame Balaji and Thambi Ramaiah excel at tickling the funny bone amidst chaos. The soundtrack is something you wouldn't mind adding to your personal playlist. Yatchan might not be the next blockbuster hit, but you will remember snippets of it for a long time.

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