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Yoogan is a Tamil horror, suspense thriller film directed by Kamal G. Starring Yashmith & Sakshi Agarwal in the lead roles along with Siddhu GRN


“A horror film that scares you away from the theatres! A royal skip!”

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Yoogan movie review

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Yoogan, yet another horror film in Kollywood. But the difference is that its a genuine horror thriller and there is no comedy track that ruins the fear factor. That's one reason to give this film a shot. Another reason is that, it was the only film that seemed watchable among this week's releases. Though the storyline follows a tried and tested template, there were a couple of scary moments, thanks to the silence between the music and good camera angles.

Yoogan is about a ghost taking revenge because of some obvious reasons. Yeah, that's what the damn ghosts do all the time from the Amman times. The ghost will have a flashback and a logical reasoning why its taking revenge. Yoogan touches upon the politics in the corporate world. Fyi, this ghost is a female one. I wonder why all dead women become ghosts. Something to think about. Beware all men, the next time you behave harsh to a woman in your life, you know what's going to happen.

I liked the screenplay is bits and pieces. The 1st half was a bit messed up, which had an amateurish feel all over. The 2nd half was a bit better. The suspense slowly builds in the 1st half and the 2nd half has a flashback and the ghost gets ready for the final assault. I liked the fact that the movie had some genuine scary moments. How much ever cliche it can be, you will never fail to get scared if you see a woman in a white ghost dress. Its simple but it will definitely scare you. Seeing a ghost is not a problem but the real problem is when the ghost disappears.

I liked the fact that this ghost does not actually come after you or bully you and make fun. It just stands in a corner of the room and observes you. Its more like your own conscience coming after you. And ghosts don't kill people, humans do. The director has handled this wafer thin subject in an amateurish way, thats the only issue.

The cinematography was pretty good for a horror film. Most of the scenes were shot in low light, of course, and the camerawork was good. Music was good too. It really took the scenes to a scary level. Silence matters a lot in horror thrillers and the music director made good use of it. Editing was good in terms of the runtime. The cuts were sharp and abrupt at some places. There was a bit of lag between the intended screenplay and the actual output. It means it took some time to actually understand what's happening in the 2nd half and the climax.

Performances by everyone were pretty decent. Hero Yashmith was good in the 2nd half, as he didn't have much scope in the 1st half. The supporting characters too were fine, though everybody needs more acting lessons and dialogue delivery classes. The heroine, I mean the ghost looked pretty. Though the story revolves around her character, her role is confined to a ghost in white clothes.

Though its a routine ghost revenge thriller, the fact that its a movie by fresh faces is quite commendable. Predictable storyline, decent background score, ok performances and few genuine scary moments is all Yoogan is about. It may not be the best horror film, but its definitely watchable for its genuine attempt to make a clean horror film rather than depending on humour and commercializing it. Give it a shot.

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