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Yuvan Yuvathi

Yuvan Yuvathi

2.6 93 Ratings

Directed by : G. N. R. Kumaravelan

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Yuvan Yuvathi shows how a village-centric father and a city-slicker son land into multiple conflicts because of their inability to understand each other.

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Unpardonable drivel!

Rated 1.0 / 5
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What happens when a director decides to make a love story and is ready only with the comedy track? Yuvan Yuvathy happens. Every alternate sequence is a comedy track which turns out to be more interesting than the actual plot.

Kathir (Bharat) wants to break away from his uncultured rural roots and live in the US while his father (Sampath), a hardcore 'veecharuva' type of a villager, arranges his marriage with a girl of his choice. Nisha (Rima Kallingal) wants to go to the US as well, to get married to her Facebook boyfriend. Kathir falls for Nisha, but soon comes to know of her marriage plans. Nevertheless, they decide to leave the country on the same day. Kathir's father spoils their plans and both marriages are stalled. They separate only to meet again after a year in Seychelles. Kathir rekindles his love with Nisha and Nisha gives in after some resistance. They come back to Kathir's village with the help of Kathir's friend (Santhanam) to get married only to be stopped by Kathirs father. But finally, as expected, get married.

The narrative is not even half as coherent as the passage above because there is no clear direction in the director's script. And his imagination skills are almost zilch and doesn't manage to put together even one interesting sequence involving the main leads. The hero is forever running behind (literally) the heroine and the heroine always turns her face away after mouthing the same dialogue each time (what do you want now?). Even a picturesque location like Seychelles doesn't make the story interesting and both continue indulging in the same stupidity even there. Everytime you expect a twist, you are in for a surprise. There is no twist. And this 'twist'less insipidness continues till the end.

The only saving grace (should say, somewhat) of the film is Santhanam. Though his role of a harassed best friend is hardly fresh, he manages to evoke a good laugh. If not for him, the film would have been a complete disaster.

Bharat and Rima Kallingal just irritate (partly because of the bad script). Bharat seriously needs to rediscover himself. Rima is not the conventionally beautiful heroine and it is even mentioned in one of the dialogues. But she doesn't try even a bit to become endearing. And her close-ups are real scary. Sampath does nothing new. Most of the supporting cast are irrelevant to the script and add to the torture.

Cinematography is nothing spectacular. Art direction in the 'kuthu' duet stands out. Vijay Anthony's songs test your patience.

Tamil Film Industry needs an Anna Hazare to start an anti-mediocrity campaign. And... why are filmmakers forever complaining about piracy. Are people even watching these films on pirated CDs and DVDs?

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