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Zero (Tamil)

Zero (Tamil)

2.9 259 Ratings

Directed by : Arun Kumar (Shiv Mohaa)

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Zero is a supernatural thriller starring Ashwin Kakumanu, Sshivada and JD Chakravarthy.


“Zero is an refreshing thriller that's worth a watch!”

Zero (Tamil) Credit & Casting

J D Chakravarthy

Zero (Tamil) Audience Review

Super supernatural thriller

Rated 3.5 / 5

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Rarely does a super natural thriller arrives and very rarely does it entertain. Zero is a brilliant super natural thriller.

Zero deals with the mental illness of the heroine which was assumed to be because of her mother who was also memtally ill. Later in the second half, they get to know it is because of a ghost that the heroine is abnormal. What is the actual reason, the consequences and the cure is this film.

Sshivada who was last seen in Nedunchaalai has given a stellar performance in Zero. She is the soul of this film. Ashwin contributes well to the film. The CG works were good and convincing. Above all, it was NivasKPrassana's music and BGM that gave the perfect mood to the thriller and was as exciting as the film.

Kudos to the director, ShivMohaa for scripting a wonderful thriller and for presenting the work to utmost perfcetion as in the paper. Though there are some scenes that seem lengthy, the thrill it gives make them worthy.

On the whole, Zero is a brilliant supernatural thriller for this weekend.

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