Zero (Tamil)

Zero (Tamil)

2.9 225 Ratings

Directed by : Arun Kumar (Shiv Mohaa)

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Zero is a supernatural thriller starring Ashwin Kakumanu, Sshivada and JD Chakravarthy.


“Zero is an refreshing thriller that's worth a watch!”

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J D Chakravarthy

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Zero Review-A decent attempt

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Its not easy for a debut director to pick such an offbeat subject and put all his money on it. I have to appreciate Shiv Mohaa's guts and he almost succeeds on his brave attempt. I liked his screenplay and the way he naratted the movie by building up slowly and unravelling everything towards the climax, though the climax was not very convincing to me. I cant really give away the plot as its complicated but neatly put forward so the audience has no trouble in understanding it. Its about a girl who is haunted by a ghost and the logical reasoning follows the rest of the story.

Shivada, whom we saw in Nedunchaalai, has performed brilliantly. She forms the crux of the movie, neatly supported by Ashwin. Even technically the film is quite brilliant. The cinematography and Music too are a major plus. Editing could have been a bit more better as some scenes seem lenghty and even the overall runtime is on the higher side.

Overall, Zero is a very good attempt and effort by the entire team. This is a movie to be watched without much expectations and am sure it will surprise you at the end.

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