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  • The Hindu
    The Hindu
    Rated None November 30, 2015

    144 (The Hindu)

    Verdict - A shaky start, but lots of laughs later

    The plot has to do with Desu and Madan (Ashok Selvan) pulling off a heist that involves crawling into a rodent's bottom, and just thinking about th... read more

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  • Krishna Sripada
    Krishna Sripada
    Rated 3.0 November 21, 2015

    The dark forest unravels well!

    Verdict - Has Kamal Haasan ever disappointed?

    It could have been a simple movie - a conflict of interests between a narcotics cop and a bad guy. That could be more than enough if the two are Ka... read more

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  • Sujith
    Rated 3.5 November 21, 2015

    Strikes gold.

    Verdict - A well made thriller that deserves a Must watch.

    Being an official remake of the malayalam film Shutter, Oru Naal Iravil does complete justice to the original and is even slightly better. Editor A... read more

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  • Muthukumar
    Rated 1.0 November 15, 2015

    one time watch for ajith. .

    all r old but onetime watch for ajith style

    v. v.
    b b. b. cvc gvh. v.
    ggv. hg. bhgd.

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  • Sudarsh Krishnan
    Sudarsh Krishnan
    Rated 3.5 November 08, 2015

    This Masala Padam Is Tailor Made For The Critics And Audiences!

    Verdict - A Masala film without the usual cliched scenes!

    The hottest topic in social media today is the argument that takes place between film critics and online movie fans. Masala Padam is a unique film ... read more

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  • Sujith
    Rated 2.5 November 01, 2015

    Pallikoodam Pogamale - PASS

    Verdict - Worth a watch in theatres

    Pallikoodam Pogamale was one of the movies that applied for the Indian Panaroma last year. After a long time surprisingly it saw the light this wee... read more

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  • Karthik Kumar
    Karthik Kumar
    Rated 1.0 November 01, 2015

    A tormenting debutant effort from N Rajakrishnan!

    With a done and dusted plot like boy-meets-girl-on-a-train, falls-in-love, and has only the journey time left to impress her fo fall for the protag... read more

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  • Rakesh Reddy
    Rakesh Reddy
    Rated 2.0 October 31, 2015

    Nothing too Good, Nothing too Bad.

    Verdict - Give it a miss!

    Om Shanthi Om, is yet another horror film and the heroine's name is Shanthi. Now, you might think that the heroine is the ghost. Thats not true and... read more

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  • karthikeyan enterprises
    karthikeyan enterprises
    Rated 4.5 October 31, 2015

    A good non commercial movie with new concept of Jet lag

    This movie has introduced lot of new faces to cinema. I appreciate Rathang pictures for this effort. This movie comes around a new concept that... read more

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  • Siyan Sharma
    Siyan Sharma
    Rated 3.5 October 30, 2015

    10 second than iruku

    10 endrathukulla movie is a best action movie ,Romantic nice, super dialogues. every person watching the movie easy concerned chiyaan entry Super e... read more

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  • Pavan Msp
    Pavan Msp
    Rated 4.5 October 25, 2015

    must watch movie guys....!

    after watching so many movies in 2015 the much awaited movie thani oruvan got released.as the shooting was done in our college i was waiting eagerl... read more

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  • Raja Sekar
    Raja Sekar
    Rated 0.5 October 24, 2015

    Skip it

    Verdict - Atrocious film!

    Kubera Rasi, you might think the film has a good storylineonly if I coherently write it here. Anyways, most of you would not watch the film, thanks... read more

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