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  • Iraivi Review- A story about few arrogant men.

    Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - June 04, 2016 00:33 AM IST
    3.0DM (370 ratings)

    Verdict - A must watch if you have patience to sit through. Not recommended for general audience who expect only entertainment.

    IraiviWatch trailerRelease date : June 03, 2016

    Karthik Subbaraj has definitely made a name for himself in kollywood with his previous 2 movies. Iraivi is again a new genre and its a daring attempt to take the path less travelled, knowing that there is humongous expectations on him. Its just a thin line between a good film and a bad one, and am sure Iraivi falls on the good side for a lot of reasons.

    Iraivi is about how lives of some women take an unfavorable turn due to some arrogant men in their lives, especially their better halves. Honestly, its a gusty movie to make and to accept that men are egoistic and arrogant and we try to supress women in a daily basis. We tend to think we are far more superior to women and take decisions based on that feeling. Thats exactly what Karthik Subbaraj has tried to convey with his movie Iraivi. SJ Surya is a film maker and his film is in trouble. So his brother (Bobby) and his friend (Vijay Sethupathi) plan to loot some idols from deserted temples to make money and help in his brother's movie release. This plot revolves around the women in their lives and how things influence their lives is all about Iraivi.

    Sj Surya was brilliant. Never expected he can act this good. He was so natural and took control of the script. Vijay sethupathi was good in this matured role. Bobby Simha's role was written more on the positive side but he will be disliked by the audience for his actions. He was pretty ok in this role. The ladies, Pooja, Kamlini mukerji and anjali were brilliant in their characters. Anjali had some powerful dialogues, which she delivered with ease. All the women characters were showcased as bold and daring people. Loved the little nuances in these characters.

    Overall, Iraivi is not a perfect weekend enterainer you are looking forward to. But this movie will definitely create an impact in your lives and make you realise the importance of women and how arrogant the men are in our society. The screenplay is a bit slow and it allows time for us to soak into it but i honestly felt, it could have been a bit more gripping. Music by Santosh Narayan was really good but at time the BGM dominated the dialogues. Editing and cinematography was pretty good but i felt that the 2nd half could have been more racy.

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