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  • Murder of a classic

    Arvindh (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - December 17, 2011 00:54 AM IST
    3.0DM (184 ratings)

    Verdict - Shallow, lackluster, badly enacted version of the original

    MambattiyanWatch trailerRelease date : December 16, 2011

    Some films should not be remade. Malayur Mambattiyan is one such film. The original, an accidental classic, was widely appreciated for its stark portrayal of the life of a robinhoodish forest brigand. It was Thyagarajans star making role (probably, his only good film till date). Now, after nearly 30 years, Thyagarajan casts his own son, Prashant, in the title role and makes a mess of it. The biggest blunder is the casting.

    Mambattiyan, the son of an honest villager, turns into a good hearted thief after slaying the people responsible for his fathers killing. He lives in the thick forests surrounding his village and is literally worshipped by the villagers. But the cops, who dont understand his real intentions, launch a hunting operation to nab him and punish him for his killings. There are two women who hold the torch for the hero. One is a victim of one of his loot operations whose marriage gets stalled because of Mambattiyan. The other is a local small time dancer. While Mambattiyan manages to evade the cops in every combing operation of theirs, destiny has something else in store for him.

    The problem with the film is the total lack of seriousness and depth. No character evokes any kind of feeling in the viewers mind, be it sympathy or hatred. While this is partly because of bad writing, it is also because of wrong casting. Prashant with his soft looks and mediocre acting skills never manages to look the ruffian his character is supposed to be. His periodical roars and loud laughters make it worse. It looks like hes come out of a fancy dress competition playing Mambattiyan. He should have just stuck to his lover boy roles which fetched him reasonable success earlier. Meera Jasmine tries hard to be endearing, but fails miserably to bad characterization. Mumait Khan as the dancer is quite silly. Vadivelus comedy can be termed as his worst ever and doesnt evoke even a smile. Prakash Raj as the IG desperately wanting to capture Mambattiyan does nothing fresh (it is high time he dropped chellam from his dialogues).

    Shaji Kumars camera is probably the only redeeming factor in this otherwise boring fare. He captures the breath-taking locations wonderfully. The colour enhancement on post seems over-done at a few places, but, overall, adds richness to the visuals. Thaman does a half-hearted music job once again and it is the remixes of the original Ilayaraja numbers (Chinna Ponnu and Kattu Vazhi) that remain memorable.

    A colossal waste of money and effort, for both the makers and the viewers.

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  • Arvindh


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    Rated 1.0December 17, 2011

    Murder of a classic

    Some films should not be remade. Malayur Mambattiyan is one such film. The original, an accidental classic, was widely appreciated for its stark po...read more