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  • Dhanush makes Maryan a winner

    Rajiv Menon (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - July 19, 2013 15:10 PM IST
    3.6DM (3005 ratings)

    Verdict - A simple love story backed by powerful performances

    MariyaanWatch trailerRelease date : July 19, 2013

    Maryan is not Dhanush's best, but it certainly isn't his bad either. Come to think of it, Maryan is a simple love story about struggle, pain and eventually happiness, but what makes it an engrossing watch is the unadulterated, unexaggerated performance of Dhanush. Not too far behind is Parvathy, who shines in her powerful yet emotional role as Panimalar.

    Partly inspired from true events, "Maryan" is fictionalized to perfection in the flashback sequences, which recounts to Dhanush's life as a fisherman and his love interest. The romance between the lead cast in the first half is built wonderfully. It's so natural yet poignant that you cheer for Dhanush and Parvathy all the way.

    I think it's because of the brilliant first half; Maryan's struggle to reunite with Panimalar makes sense and even forces us to wish him luck. Had the bond between the lead pair was not strong enough then we wouldn't have cheered for Dhanush in the second half.

    Dhanush lives, falls and rises as Maryan, which in literal English translation means immortal. Love makes him immortal. Playing characters filled with pain and struggle is not new for Dhanush, but it's the strong bond he shares with Panimalar, and the need to be with her, makes his character meaningful.

    Rahman's swings his musical magic wand in style. Even though he repeats some the tunes in several instants, he doesn't fail to dazzle us with his music on the whole. The songs Kadal Rasa and Nenjae Ezhu breathe life into the film. For once, I'm glad songs didn't break the narrative of the film.

    Maryan is technically rich and is blessed with a powerful cast that doesn't fail to impress us. Even in his small role, Jagan managed to make us laugh and shine as well. Uma Riyaz Khan as Dhanush's acid-tongued mother comes by as a surprise. She hasn't acted much in the past but she was good in her role.

    Parvathy was a great find and I can say with conviction that no one else would've pulled off her role as flawlessly as herself.

    Bharatbala impresses in his Tamil debut and even though the film's pace may be a concern; its output is worth rooting for. It might not be a crowd-puller, but Maryan still is a winner for giving an experience we can cherish for a while.

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