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  • A Tiger That Doesnt Pounce.


    Desimartini | Updated - September 04, 2015 17:28 PM IST
    3.1DM (1000 ratings)
    Paayum Puli (Jayasurya)Watch trailerRelease date : September 04, 2015

    The Vishal - Suseendiran combo has struck a gold in this their previous outing " Pandiyanadu ". Their collaboration had a good hype and the last minute chaos gave a thrust to the hype created for PaayumPuli. Suseendiran, who is well known for his screenplay and woving a solid theme within a commercial script has attempted a cop thriller and with no second thought Vishal is someone who fits to the t. The first half was more of the so called commercial stuffs. An intro about the villains, three songs, two fights, love making scenes and forced comedy were parts of the first half. Kajal Agarwal plays an usual commercial heroine who adds to the love quotient, songs and vanishes in the second half. Soori plays a side kick and evokes laughter in few scenes.

    The movie gains pace towards the interval and ends with a good interval twist that establishes a perfect stage for the second half. This is where we get a hope on the movie and look forward to watch more. This man Suseendiran showers his brilliance throughout the second half. From an ordinary film in the first half, the director shifts the gear into an edge of the seat thriller in the second half. He has played cleverly with the action and the emotions.Though Vishal has attempted cop roles before, this one is easily his best while Samuthirakani gets a meaty role to play which suits him well. Other than Vishal and Samuthirakani, there is a huge number of star cast added to make this a family entertainer.

    Though it seems forced earlier, the director justifies their roles towards the end with a single scene. Suseendiran proves his stand when it comes to family values, screenplay and logics. The songs were average whereas the BGM was quite good. The BGM in the second half enables a perfect mood for the thriller. Velraj's cinematography was good throughout the movie. The editing was also pleasing. The twists and the logics have been worked out well throughout. Though Suseendiran has given a decent output, much more was expected from him. Still, PaayumPuli is worth a watch for its second half.

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