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  • Poraali (Fighter) - A tough fight till the end!

    Baranidharan Sivasankaran (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - December 03, 2011 23:28 PM IST
    3.8DM (263 ratings)

    Verdict - Good

    PoraaliRelease date : December 01, 2011

    The duo of Samudrakani and Sasikumar are back. This time the latter dons the protagonists hat and Samudrakani wields the direction.
    Poraali attempts to be an entertaining, fun filled and action packed emotional flick epitomizing optimistic traits throughout the movie.

    Ilankumaran (Sasikumar) and Nallavan (Allari Naresh) are shown escaping from an asylum and are trying to lead a peaceful life in Chennai with the help of their friend Pullikutty (Kanja Karuppu). Soon they kick start a venture and with their acumen in place expand the same to establish themselves. A twist in the tale comes in the form of their haunting past and the rest of the movie post interval shows how the duo overcome the challenges and face the consequences.

    Sasikumar, with his charismatic appeal pulls the strings together and delivers a matured performance. His sense of humour with intelligent one-liners stands out to showcase his ability to bring down the house and looked perilous during the action sequences as well. He radiates optimism throughout the movie which comes as a breath of fresh air down our shoulders, especially at times when the screenplay sags a bit. Overall, its a tidy and belligerent performance.

    Allari Naresh, after Kurumbu in 2003, this is his re-entry in Tamil. Has got little scope to showcase whatever he has to perform and looks apt for the character that he portrayed.

    Swathi as Sasikumars love interest looked cute and brought out the cute emotions whenever needed, though she had hardly anything to do.

    Nivetha, the debut actress looked pretty and conveyed the agony and helplessness through her eyes. But one cannot avoid the thought that she could have been done away with and was thrust into the story only to be paired with Allari Naresh.

    Kanja Karuppu, this time had pulled a decent act. He was calm when he needed to be and hardly shouted and jumped in any of the scenes, which came out as a relief.

    The other characters that were cast, especially the neighbours in the residential area, though dramatic at times, were cast thoughtfully. Off the lot, the boozy bachelor and the squeaky couple stood out.

    The highlights in the second half were Vasundras extended cameo as the rusty village lass and Sooris run of the mill comic punch line.
    Both managed to deliver in their own capacity.

    Sundar C Babus music was a big let-down and not even a single number stood out as a hummable one. The BGM was worse and proved to be a setback for the proceedings.

    Overall, the movie is well worth the effort from the successful combo yet again.

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  • Baranidharan Sivasankaran

    Baranidharan Sivasankaran

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    Rated 3.0December 03, 2011

    Poraali (Fighter) - A tough fight till the end!

    The duo of Samudrakani and Sasikumar are back. This time the latter dons the protagonists hat and Samudrakani wields the direction. Poraali attem...read more