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  • How not to make a sequel

    Rajiv Menon (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - July 05, 2013 12:05 PM IST
    3.6DM (9675 ratings)

    Verdict - It's a disgrace to Singam

    Singam 2Watch trailerRelease date : July 05, 2013

    As much as I loved Singam for two reasons - Suriya and Prakash Raj, I hated watching Singam 2 for even more reasons. It's a half-baked, extended saga of a cop who has now graduated from being a state policeman to an Indian policeman. The idea of making a policeman from a small town in Tamil Nadu to lock horns with an international villain sounds exciting, but doesn't quite get executed in the way you and I would have expected.

    Singam 2 is not even close to its prequel. It tests the endurance of your bladder with a running time that nearly clocks three hours and despite sitting through the entire film, there is only regret towards the end but hardly any sign of entertainment.

    For starters, Duraisingam resigns his job towards the end of the first part. However, in Singam 2, he has been assigned to keep an eye on the illegal activities being carried out at Tuticorin port, where supposedly arms and ammunitions are being imported and exported.

    While training students as an NCC/NSS leader at a local school during the day, Suriya moonlights as an undercover cop during the night, only to discover that lot of so-called businessmen of his town are involved in the business of drugs.

    Further investigation into the matter only leads to the kingpin of the drug cartel called Danny, who considers himself the king of Indian Ocean and is a wanted criminal. How does Suriya bring down the empire of Danny? This forms the rest of the story.

    Singam already had plenty of characters and a powerful villain. Since the villain was killed in the prequel, we are introduced to a new villain, which is understandable. But, what is the need to have four villains, who were not even half as good as Prakash Raj, is something I just don't understand.

    There are few more characters thus making it an ensemble cast of nearly 50 artistes, but unfortunately not even one among them has a meaningful screen presence. For instance, there was no need to have veteran director K. Vishwanath play the Chief Minister. The entire episode could've been a phone call. Most of these characters hardly have any purpose in the film.

    In one of the scenes, Suriya requests the Home Minister to assign one of his subordinates, played by Vivek, from the last part to help him with the investigation. But, when he is assigned nowhere do we get to see him assist Suriya in the investigation.

    Suriya carries the film on his shoulder, mostly, and therefore the effort looks like a one man show. The racy screenplay of Singam is nowhere to be seen in the sequel. In an attempt to make Singam 2 bigger, Hari only makes a fool of himself.

    The first half is still manageable but it's the second that forces you to walk out of the theatre. The film's pace takes a beating due to the songs that only end up breaking the flow of the narrative. Vivek and Santhanam try to evoke laughter with cliched humour that only backfires most of the times.

    Singam 2 is exactly how not to make a sequel. I wouldn't mind revisiting Singam, instead wasting my money on this film.

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