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    Desimartini | Updated - June 22, 2014 4:37 PM IST
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    Verdict - Thagaraaru is loud, crass and forgettable in every way.

    ThagaraaruWatch trailerRelease date : December 06, 2013

    Yes. I walked out of "Thagaraaru"- a mind-numbingly familiar film that isn't embarrassed by how plain derivative it is. It is the kind of film that gives the term 'CineMadurai' a bad name. Repulsively violent and detestable assortment of protagonists, a total dick of leading lady, scary looking rowdies who strongly believe that a veecharuva is mightier than a pen, abysmal attempts at humor.. this film has it all. Is this really a portrait of Madurai? I know it isn't, but it makes even Sasikumar's "Kutti Puli" seem more interesting.

    Saravanan (Arulnithi) and his three best friends, whose names I never managed to pick, are petty criminals with no one else to call their own. Besides bureau-pulling, thievery and being jerks in general, they probably spend most of their time watching "Subramaniapuram" on repeat because these wannabes come across as cheap knockoffs of the original gang. The betrayal must have made a big impression on one of them, because he seems particularly pissed off when Saravanan finds himself a girlfriend named Meenakshi (Oh puh-lease!) They pick fights and make half a dozen enemies, including a cop who appears to be channeling his inner Duraisingam.

    The film expects us to root for these thugs because, in one random shot, they can be seen throwing wad of cash to people in need. Saravanan considers himself a Robin Hood and tells Meenakshi he only steals from rich people, while we can clearly see him stealing from people at ATMs, beat unsuspecting foreigners and what not. I missed watching "Mounaguru", but I have only heard good things about Arulnithi's understated performance in it. Here, he goes over the top, giving us no reason to root for his character which is inherently unlikable. Every time he speaks a line in his broken English or when he grins wide and nods his head sideways (like Jai in Subramaniyapuram), you just feel like punching him squarely on the nose.

    I repeatedly felt embarassed to be just sitting there watching this film. There's not a shred of originality, and even fails at whatever it tries to imitate. It's loud and crass and everyone just keeps shouting at each other. But some of the handful of people at my screening seemed to be having a nice time. I don't mean to judge, but how can I not judge? I just fail to understand how someone could enjoy this film. Kutti Puli was a commercial success, right? What do I know.