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  • Theeya Velai Senjitaaru Santhanam

    Prashanth M (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - June 14, 2013 15:53 PM IST
    3.1DM (4395 ratings)

    Verdict - TVSK is funnier than you would expect.

    Theeya Velai Seiyyanum KumaruWatch trailerRelease date : June 14, 2013

    Every time a film comes where Santhanam is the only saving grace it in, we often joke how he is the actual hero holding the film together, while the supposed lead actor is merely a supporting character. This film's posters showed him off prominently, and I thought to myself : 'here comes another movie trying to make some money using Santhanam.' But watching him play a love guru who has brought romance into the lives of scary looking henchmen to popular film stars, it became clear that Santhanam was indeed, in every which way, Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru's real hero.

    The story involves Kumar (Siddharth), a software engineer who is either disinterested or tongue-tied around girls, thanks to his past experiences. When a new girl joins his workplace, he seeks the help of Love Guru Mokia (Santhanam) to somehow help him woo her. As hurdles keep coming their way, the rest of the film sees Mokia helping Kumar to surmount them. While the story is very simple and even the directions the screenplay takes are hardly novel, the film works because Santhanam works. He overshadows every other actor in the film, who merely say things so he could respond with spectacularly with a perfectly timed one-liner. Just when I feared he was getting monotonous with his brand of nakkal-based comedy, he yet again proves me wrong by giving a hilarious performance.

    The one good thing the film's marketing campaign did was to keep away all the good stuff away from trailers. I walked in right after watching Man of Steel, and expected to see a nonsensical trash which wouldn't even give us the laughs we paid for. I was happy to be surprised. As the film's narrator in the first few minutes, RJ Balaji, who debuts on the silver screen, is rather decent. It is when he shows up in front of us that he begins to disappoint. Most of his lines appear to be self-written and he basically rehashes the things he says on air to not so good results. Besides Balaji, Sundar C. has assembled a large ensemble of comedy actors we have admired in the recent past: the plump girl from Neethane, Dilli Ganesh playing Bombay Ganesh, Bosskey, Manobala, Chitra Lakshmanan and also an actor each from Neram and Soodhu Kavvum. In spite of them, Santhanam, with a joke hit rate of over 80 percent gets all the deserved laughs. It's a Santhanam show all the way, but let's not forget Siddharth for channeling his Boys days. His appearance and a certain scenes will often remind you of his Munna. Oh, the film also stars Hansika.

    Beneath all the humor, the film finds a way to make a point about the male hypocrisy. Be it the double standards men have while letting someone love their sister or the way Indian cinema has taught us that it is okay for men to accost and creep a woman into submission, I found TVSK to be a welcome respite from the unbearable 'intha-ponnungala-ipdi-thaan' attitude. For that, I must tip my proverbial hat to Sundar C. Despite the fact that the film follows the 'Rom-Com with a Liar' template, complete with an airport climax, to the tee, it salvages itself solely by being high on laughs.

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