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  • Smart Investigative Thriller

    Rajiv Menon (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - March 05, 2014 09:59 AM IST
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    Verdict - Root for this underdog that emerges as a winner

    Thegidi (Bhadram)Watch trailerRelease date : February 28, 2014

    Following in the footsteps of films such as Pizza and Soodhu Kavvum, debutant Ramesh's Thegidi comes as whiff of fresh air and proves once again why content is the real king of a film. As short and crisp as the aforementioned films, Thegidi presents an investigative thriller with a dash of romance and fitting music by debutant Nivas Prasanna. While I felt that the film would've worked even better with a stronger lead, nevertheless, Ashok Selvan, who slowly seems to be rising to the rank of a bankable actor in the industry, did a decent job of pulling off his role. What he lacked, I feel, was the talent to emote myriad expressions flawlessly.

    Thegidi follows young Vetri (Ashok), a graduate in Criminology. He lands a job with a detective agency and as his first assignment he is asked to get vital information about three subjects without blowing his cover. Having successfully completed the task, he is asked to follow Madhu (Janani). As a thumb rule, a detective should never come in contact of his or her subject, but Vetri falls head over heels for Madhu. He ends up meeting by concealing his true identity. Meanwhile, each of three subjects he followed dies mysteriously, forcing Vetri to start to worry about Madhu, who he feels might also be on the list.

    Even with a very slow narrative in the first half, Thegidi works because of the novelty it presents in its story. It also deserves to be appreciated because of the fact that we hardly have films in that genre in Tamil. Ramesh builds the tension in the narrative brick by brick, allowing us to step into the shoes of Vetri, to become the eyes and ears of Vetri. In the second half, you feel like being in the shoes of Vetri, thinking what could have possibly led to the death of his three subjects.

    I don't remember watching a film that kept me as absorbed as Thegidi in the recent past. Unlike other Tamil films which build a romantic angle for commercial reasons, this film avoids such cliches and gives us a love story that plays an important part in the story. It is because Vetri develops fondness for Madhu, he worries to protect her. In essence, there's a purpose to the love story and it's not included for the heck of it.

    Music and the short running time are two of the biggest highlights of the film. Nivas's score literally carries the tension of the film till the last second, while the short running time works in the film's favour considering the fact that that it had not so familiar cast. Nivas's music and background score is one of the major pluses of the film

    While Janani was decent in her role, Ashok struggle in some important scenes to portray the required expression. Overall, the cast did a decent job of convincing the audiences in their respective roles. JP as usual shines in his cameo.

    Here's hoping for many more Thegidis to come our way.

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