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All audience reviews of Thoongaavanam (Cheekati Rajyam)

  • A Masterpiece!

    Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - November 10, 2015 13:51 PM IST
    3.4DM (959 ratings)
    Thoongaavanam (Cheekati Rajyam)Watch trailerRelease date : November 10, 2015

    Thoongavanam is about a father's search to find his kidnapped son by a drug dealer. That's the basic plot but there is lot more than that. An undercover operation, a father son bonding, a separated mother and all the family dynamics, which was explained in a subtle manner. Kamal Haasan did the screenplay and he was good at it by leaving no loopholes. Each frame leads to an another and the entire film flows in a smooth way. He made sure he answers all your questions and you will leave the theatre with complete understanding of the film.

    Though it was remade from the French film, Thoongavanam had its touch of Kamal Haasan and his timing humor in serious situations. He is so good at it and cracks a joke every now and then. And we need not say about his performance, he is always brilliant when it comes to acting and emoting. The supporting cast did a phenomenal job especially Prakash Raj as a drug dealer. He was brilliant. His body language and dialogues were simply perfect. Sampath and Kishore chipped in with their contributions. Trisha didn't have much to do in the 1st half but she fought it out in the 2nd half to prove that she is much more than a glam Barbie doll. Couple of side characters that brought humor to the screenplay were Prakash Raj's side kick and Charms, who played the pub chef. They literally brought the roof down in serious situations.

    Technically, the film is quite brilliant too. We know that Kamal Haasan is a no compromise man. Cinematography was excellent as 90% of the movie was shot in the night and he made sure the scene is well lit. Music by Ghibran is a backbone for this film. He kept the tension going with his background score. Editing was good with respect to the runtime but it dipped a bit in pace in few places. It's typical Kamal Haasan style to take its own time and allow the audience to soak into the scene. Otherwise, its a technically flawless film.

    If you are still waiting for me to give a verdict, then here you go. Thoongavanam is a must watch. MUST WATCH. Kamal Hassan's performance was ultimate and he was backed up with some stellar performances by others. A neat thriller film that keeps you gripping for majority of the time.

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