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  • Entertaining but defies logic

    Rajiv Menon (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - September 06, 2013 15:06 PM IST
    3.6DM (7637 ratings)

    Verdict - High on comedy, low on logic

    Varutha Padatha Valibar SangamWatch trailerRelease date : September 06, 2013

    Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam (VVS) is yet another Sivakarthikeyan flick that aimlessly treads a path almost all his films to date have been on. Without an iota of doubt, any regular Tamil cinema patron would agree with the fact that Siva's forte is comedy. But, I feel it's time he shifts gears and moves on to different genre of films. He may have scored four hits in a row, but clinging on to one's strength for too long is not always good.

    Needless to say, VVS is an archetypal Sivakarthikeyan outing that rides high on comedy and low on logic, but it fails to leave a lasting impression. But, I don't see a point in blaming the film because it lives up to its purpose of entertaining audiences. Akin to the title, it doesn't disappoint even for a single minute. Even when some of lines sound cliched, you tend to smile with the rest of the audience. Siva's films have so much in common nowadays. For instance, he is jobless; always accompanied by a close friend who is more or less of a sidekick and he gulps down his sorrow in the form of liquor. It's becoming unimaginably cliched yet we seem to be making his film reap gold at the box-office. In essence, is this what we as audiences want from our filmmakers.

    I don't know if VVS genuinely addressed a burning issue with a pinch of sarcasm, but it subtly touches upon the rise in teen marriages in villages. In fact, the story revolves around Bose Pandi and Latha Pandi, two characters that are brought together by love after the former saves the latter from getting married as a minor. But, before we know it, Latha falls head over heels for Bose, and one wonders if she is still a minor. We only understand from scenes in which Latha dons school uniform that she is under 18, but what about the time when she walks around in a sari. This whole sub-plot just doesn't make sense or appears to be written for the convenience of the lead pair to come together defying logic.

    Siva and Soori have become one of the highly entertaining pairs in Tamil cinema. Scenes featuring them are a laugh riot. Siva is far better than several other Tamil actors enjoying stardom in the industry. He is a very polished actor who doesn't like to enjoy the buildup of a typical Tamil cinema hero. This has precisely worked in his favour and proof to it is the back-to-back hits in his career.

    Length is a big problem in what is otherwise an out-and-out comedy entertainer. It's easy to say turn off your brain and enjoy this masala entertainer, but when you have paid the money and decided to watch it, you may as well do so.

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    Entertaining but defies logic

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