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1000 Abaddalu

1000 Abaddalu

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Directed by : Teja

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“Despite the predictable story, 1000 Abaddalu is a romantic comedy which has its share of funny moments. A one-time watch! ”

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Sai Ram Shankar


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1000 Laughs!!

Rated 2.5 / 5
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Welcome to Hyderabad Metro Rail. Yes, you got it right. It's not yet built but you can see a test run of it in director Teja's 1000 Abaddalu. On board there are absurd yet random characters bumping into the protagonist asking for the reasons behind his disfigured face. On top of it, an assistant director who's ran out of Hollywood and Korean dope is scouting around for a fresh one, and is gearing up to pen the real story and translate it into a reel one. Amid so many people and pit stops, in multiple flashback-intercuts, hero Sairam Shankar narrates the story of 1000 Abaddalu untying a bagful of 1000 laughs.

The story is of a boy meets a girl and falls for her. Later, he realizes that she is already engaged to someone but still pursues his love - in a typical Chirunavvutho style. He doesn't fizzle and he doesn't accept failure. He's a manipulator and with his bunch of friends - couple are from Jabardasth TV series, chalks out a plan to woo the girl and, finally, marry him. In a way that's archetypal of Telugu cinema, the girl learns about the crooked ways the guy resorts to and walks out of his life.

The rest of the story is all about to bring her back. When all this is happening there are some egoistic family members and some lovable ones who try to mend the relationship. Wait, there's a corrupt minister to be sent behind bars. Hope this sounds too run-on-the-mill. But Teja made it so entertaining and rib-tickling with his definitive treatment and bringing an ensemble team of comedians to evoke chuckles.

The film-makers pulled off some effective promos to bring the viewers to cinemas. They said you can't watch this film without laughing and some went overboard saying this film is strictly not for people suffering from heart ailments. They managed to bring out the laughter from the junta but the movie fails to reach the audience's expectations. There are many laughs but one can't label it as a laugh riot of a life time, as promised by the posters. The writer-director weaved some commendable scenarios for the comedy to thrive and took care to control the flow. He spaced it evenly for emotions too. But the entire set-up that's borderline-cheesy-but-nevertheless-amazing was made forcibly believable.

Sairam Shankar is good in his role and he readily accepts the fact that he is an average hero and unlike Mahesh Babu he's just got four fans. Now I don't want to get into the details of his fan base. New comer Ester Noronha looks pretty and being a cynosure of all eyes in the film, she hogs more limelight than anyone. The on-screen romance of the lead pair is less crackling and together they fail to score a decent chemistry. Naga Babu as Tower Star, fan of Power Star is a treat to watch. Good to see the veteran actor helming the comic department with aplomb. Whenever he pops up with a naive act, he makes your stomach ache. The other pack of comedians did their job perfectly.

Rasool Ellore's cinematography is classy and welcoming. On one hand, he made a laudable effort of canning the song Em Pillaro in extended shots and on the other his transition from black and white to different colors on a sepia template in Konte Konte Choopulatho is noteworthy. This reminds us of the Johnny track. Ramana Gogula tries to strike back with some lilting tunes but fails to impress at places. He uses the instrumental version of his song Vayyari Bhama from Thammudu to introduce Tower Star. The rest of the background score is just apt but lacks novelty.

In 1000 Abaddalu director Teja tried to digress from his regular path. There are no fights, no chases, no villain and the struggle the hero faces to gain his love seems flimsy. Although the film rides on banalities, it doesn't cease to entertain with so many actors taking turns to make us laugh. Teja should have worked a little on the script to bring some freshness to the narration. Some scenes feel disconnected from the film and are merely plugged to showcase a point the writer has stumbled upon. One such is to understand the drinking needs of people in 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s etc. and another scene that draws a parallel between a girl's relationship status and her mobile phone.

My Rating: Expectation - 7/10; Reality - 5/10

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