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Erra Bassu

Erra Bassu

3.0 286 Ratings

Directed by : Dasari Narayana Rao

Release Date : | Length : 159 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.6/5
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“With over-dramatic performances and a cliched plot, Erra Bassu has nothing new to offer. A complete waste of Dasari Narayan Rao's acting powers. Skip It.”

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Vishnu Manchu

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Erra Bus – Trying Too Hard To Be Cute

Rated 1.5 / 5

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Erra Bus, the title of the film, will haunt you through out telling you 'yes! you are in the right hall, however empty it might be'. All of Darasi Narayan Rao's good will and Manchu families persistent ways (if you know what I mean ;)) couldn't ensure a good opening for this grand "Grandpa-Grandson" drama.

It's a predictable storyline for those who frequent Rom-com/Chickflick/Disney movies in English but for the Telugu audience it might have been a different story. The hero of the film is primarily this Rockstar Grandpa from the village played by DNR. His grandson whom he affectionately refers to as Bulli Bellam (Tiny Weaner) (it's a Telugu thing! Sigh!), is played by Manchu Vishnu. Their unique and spotless relationship is put through series of tests, including the girlfriend (Catherine Tresa and her nauseatingly-cute histrionics), his job pressures and a troubled neighborhood. The film builds up to more and more tricky situations where Bulli Bellam's love on Grandpa is continuously tested. How everything falls back into place to give us a happy ending is what the rest of the movie is all about.

Dasari is indeed pretty cute in his 'Erra Bus' grandpa attire and he does most of the acting in the film. But the humor tends to get overcooked and soggy more than once, by which time the drama starts to get to you. Instead of getting swayed in emotion, a sense of suffocation takes over because of the over-acting going on for unnecessary, not-so-funny or not-so-dramatic situations. Vishnu is the significant other lead, yes, but what does he bring to the table that others cannot? He could be replaced by just about anyone and they'd have a style of their own. Vishnu unfortunately lacks that one identifying element (other than the bit of lisp). Catherine has lost oodles of weight and looks pretty cute but lets stop at the looks. Because the over-use of mouth to seem cute and a very squeaky dubbing artist given you the feeling that the breakfast you had probably wants to come out of your system a.s.a.p.

The sidekick comic reliefs in the film like Ali, Brahmi, Nassar, Ragha Babu, etc. have mere inserts of lack luster comedy sequences. A whole lot of loser extras make the film looks amateurish and patchy. There are many scenes that end abruptly without any point and many scenes that start out of nowhere. The screenplay probably went through a lot of snips and snaps probably because it was directly by Dasari himself, who proves to be a little old school in the current generation. The cinematography by Anji was decent; the Telugu camera men are catching up on a good three point lighting concept. The music by Chakri is prone to oblivion. All in all, its not that great a film. Watch it if you're old school or have grandparents getting bored to death (literally) at home. Otherwise, you can safely miss it.

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