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A Aa

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Directed by : Trivikram Srinivas

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Samantha Akkineni


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A Aa Review-A Routine Family Entertainer Which Lacks Novelty

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A Aa is a film which sort of promised a lot, the promos looked refreshing and the casting was fresh with Nithin and Samantha being paired together for the first time. The film also was to mark the entry of Anupama Parameswaran (who made a mark for herself in her debut film, the Malayalam blockbuster Premam into Telugu cinema. And most importantly it's a film that's written and directed by Trivikram Srinivas who is highly regarded as one of the better writers and directors seen in Telugu cinema currently. So now that the film has released does the output meet expectations?

Without further ado let me come to the point, A Aa is a wonderful example of how looks can be deceiving. Just as I wondered why the film has a story that's as old as the hills, I realize that the film is actually based on a popular novel Meena by Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani which was made into a film of the same title way back in 1973 by Vijaya Nirmala. In case you still want to know the plot well here I go-Anasuya Ramalingam (Samantha) is the only daughter of a rich couple, Ramalingam (Naresh) and Mahalakshmi (Nadiya). Mahalakshmi is the dominant force in the family and a successful businesswoman as well, while Anasuya is a simple girl who is supported by her father without the knowledge of her mother.

Anasuya comes to know that her mother is not in talking terms with her aunt due to a feud that happened ages ago. Once when her mother goes to Chennai on work she goes along with her cousin Anand Vihari (Nithin) to spend some time with her aunt and family. What happens further in the lives of Anasuya and Anand is what the rest of the film is all about. Well if the story is old and hackneyed then there is absolutely no detailing as far as the characters are concerned. Logic takes a hit throughout the film; there are way too many instances to demonstrate the same. I understand that Natty as the DOP is ensuring picture perfect frames, especially in the village outdoors. But how does everything look so spic and span throughout the film?

Everything happens quite conveniently and even the music by Mickey J.Mayer is quite a let-down. By now Nadiya is really getting typecast in such roles. Anupama Parameswaran hardly gets any screen time to show her prowess. Nithin and Samantha are not bad, in fact the film is more of Anasuya's tale but then Samantha is no acting power horse to elevate this ordinary film all on her own. Rao Ramesh remains the saving grace, managing to pull of the villain's role with a comic streak creditably.

A Aa is a good example of how things are so wrong with Telugu cinema, why else would mediocrity thrive?

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