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Directed by : Srinu Vaitla

Release Date : | Length : 165 Minutes

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Aagadu is an action-comedy movie directed by Srinu Vaitla and stars Mahesh Babu in the lead role


“Aagadu is Dookudu with extra masala and witty dialogues, but with the same exact story line. Mahesh Babu's rocking performance is the only reason to watch this movie. One time watch. ”

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Mahesh Babu

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Like they say, "picchi peaks ki vellipoyindi". Crass, uncreative sequel to Dookudu

Rated 1.5 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Remember the times when Chinese martial arts movies with exaggerated acting and even worse stunts were a craze? Gradually, audiences started realizing that all those movies were similar and all the stunts were unearthly. Audiences realized that they were all based on folklore from a world long gone by with no base, no plot and no story-line, just a bunch of old movies churned and remade. Then, in a few years, those same movies became a laughing stock. That is where Tollywood is headed to.

Mahesh Babu tried to experiment; took a great risk in his career to encourage a movie like '1', to invest in a little thought, a little story. He was handed a slap so tight by the audiences (it became one of the biggest flops of his career in terms of money lost) that it is echoing and boomeranging back on the audience through the overly loud, overly silly and overly stupid Aagadu. They say in democracy people get the goverment it deserves. I think it is true even for movies. An audience gets the movies it deserves. But, probably this time around, the audience might reject crass of this standard, because everyone gets tired of a whole truck-load of featherheaded, silliness. It is unfair that Srinu Vaitla is taking credit for the movie, like it is a fresh product, with fresh screenplay and dialogues. The movie is just a poor sequel to Dookudu only with worse cinematography, music or comedy. If this is what the director intends to pass off as a mass entertainer, he is probably laughing slyly, secretly, clandestinely at the audience's intellect or the lack of it.

A Mahesh Babu movie is a festival in Andhra Pradesh. You can feel it in the air. It feels like an India-Pakistan match. The shows are all full on Friday. The roads are overflowing with vehicles all going towards the multiplexes or the nearest halls. There are cut-outs everywhere and people are desperate to get tickets trying to get favors or dole it out. After about 10 minutes of Aagadu, the expected back-story, first fight, first round of punch dialogues and hero-entry song are done with. You are disappointed. You know it is a Mahesh Babu movie. You are waiting with bated breath, knowing that the movie might get better. You see the CI, Encounter Sankar(Mahesh) beating up goons, then getting the better of them with reality TV gimmicks (remember Dookudu?). You wonder how those feared thugs and crooks end up being so stupid, the way they are acting. Then the villain comes into the scene. Sonu Sood - you would have seen him a hundred times by now doing the same things. Then there are his accomplices, a corrupt minister and a corrupt high ranking police cop(Ashish Vidyarthi). They are trying to implement a power project that is not good for the environment.

Truth is, things never get better in this movie. It only moves from bad to worse. Brahmandam makes an appearance as Dilli Suri in the second half. But, you already know what his role his. He is a puppet that Mahesh uses to get to the villains and pit them against each other(remember Dookudu?) You are just bored to death because you know it all and the story-writer just took an off-day because he was probably thinking - "Ee janalu Mahesh ante, edaina chusestaru". You can probably imagine the story-dialogue writer giving you the wicked laugh and thinking this in his mind, because that is what he has churned out and that is what logically, he must be thinking if he believes this is what works in Tollywood.

The role of the heroine like in all Telugu movies is a mystery. She is pretty(Tamannah) and the cunning brain behind a leading sweets brand. She is street smart without ever having passed 10th standard, apparently. But, beyond that, it is hard to understand why a dashing and smart cop would fall for her and how she ended up falling for him, even though all she wanted was to take her brand to the US is something not even worth analysing. Analysis is not for mass-entertainers I was told recently and probably the audiences have just started to accept it. Seasoned actors like Rao Ramesh, Ashish Vidyarthi, Tanikella Bharani and Nasser have all been wasted with roles that are lighter than a scarecrow stitched out of hay. Why exactly did they choose to be reduced to this, is a question I wouldn't raise at this juncture.

The movie is terribly loud, so loud you have to watch it with palms pressed to your ears half the time, quite literally. The dialogue writer has made a deal with the devil by exchanging sanity for aliteration, for rhyming lines which he passed off as satires on Mahesh Babu's past movies. But, his attempts at comedy were, if I were asked on a good day, as brilliant as the story-line of an adult movie. The cinematography by KV Guhan is outdated at least by half a decade. The visual effects were poor and you could rarely see the characters and the background in sync. If anything, they were shoddy, a patchwork that screams at you, especially once you are used to the visually rich movies you get to watch these days. As far as music is concerned, the less you talk about Thaman the better. I had rather the director made a movie that had no music instead of listening to the same beats that I have heard at least in a dozen other movies, without a single hummable track. Mahesh has put in quite a lot of effort in the dances but the stunts are terrible, compared to his own high standards in Athadu and Pokiri.

All in all, it is a movie so bad, it could be remade by Rohit Shetty starring Salman Khan. It is a movie that is pretending to use Mahesh's star power to cash in, with a plot and script so thin you can use them to promote slim smart-phones.

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